Rotexmedica Becomes PanPharma


Europe’s leading manufacturer of injectable ethical medicines, Rotexmedica Germany, has changed its name to PanPharma.

This followed the decision of the parent company, PanPharma to unite its subsidiaries with one name.

Rotexmedica Becomes PanPharma
PanPharma’s logo

In a press statement titled One Group, One name; the management wrote:
“For several months now, we have been working on changing the name of our German subsidiary Rotexmedica GmbH in order to present one united identity to our partners.

“As a result, Rotexmedica officially became Panpharma GmbH on 29 August 2019.
This is simply a change of name. The legal entity (the company) remains the same.

Rotexmedica Becomes PanPharma
PanPharma executives in a group photograph

“The legal status of the company, the ownership of its capital by Panpharma SA, its personnel, its organisation, its activity, its address (headquarters and production site) in Trittau, and its contractual commitments with third parties remain unchanged. Likewise, its bank accounts, VAT number and registration number with the court registry remain unchanged.
All of us are now, PANPHARMA !”

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Panpharma Group, a multinational and specialist in the manufacture of injectable pharmaceutical products has its corporate headquarters in France. It has operations in over 100 countries in 5 continents and global network of distributors.

Alpha Pharmacy is Nigeria’s sole representative of Rotexmedica (PanPharma), and distributes Rotex-Oxytocin, Rotex-Ketamin, Rotex-Heparin, Rotex-Suxamethonium, Rotex-Pancuronium among others.


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