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Pharm. Sesan Kareem

Successful people have always imbibed a way of living that leads them to achievements, greatness, health, and well-being.  Lifestyle can be simply defined as the particular way that a person or group lives and the values and ideas supported by that person or group.

For us at HubCare Health, we know that the most effective way to sustainable health and well-being is to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Walt Disney put it brilliantly when he said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Below are healthy lifestyles we encourage members of our community to imbibe:

  1. Eat sensibly: We are what we eat. Our body is a collection of food products. What we eat affects the state of our body and mind. We need to eat more vegetables, fruits, protein, water, and fibre and consume less fat, sugar, and calories. The quantity of what we eat is also important, as the quality of what we eat. Eat right. Common chronic conditions like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity can be linked to our eating habits.
  2. Exercise regularly: Physical activity with a moderate pace helps the body and the mind in a positive way. Inculcating fitness habits as a lifestyle is essential to prevent disease, and promote health and well-being. Moderate activities we can do regularly include brisk walking, cycling, swimming, and yoga. Doing 30 minutes of activity daily is recommended for holistic health and well-being.
  3. Sleep sufficiently: Sleep is a natural pill given to us by God that helps us rejuvenate our body and mind. Having sufficient sleep improves our concentration level and accelerates our productivity and performance at work. While individuals’ needs for sufficient sleep differ, the World Health Organisation advises six to eight hours of sleep in a day. We must imbibe the habit of going to bed early and having a consistent sleep routine.
  4. Breathe deeply: The way we breathe affects our health and well-being. By breathing more deeply or controlling our breath intentionally, we can impact our body in a number of positive ways. Deep breathing can lower stress levels and blood pressure. It also promotes a greater sense of well-being. When you feel anxious, disturbed, or angry, taking a few deep breaths can help you feel better and respond, instead of reacting.
  5. Think truthfully: Our thoughts affect the state of our mind. As a man thinks, so he is. We need to develop the habits of thinking empowering thoughts and eschewing disempowering thoughts. It is important to replace harmful thoughts with helpful thoughts. One of the most powerful habits we can inculcate is to think helpful thoughts always.
  6. Learn practically: Having a learning mindset leads to personal and professional growth and development in all spheres of life. Learning opens us to new ways of doing things. We must develop the habit of learning practical information and taking immediate action on our new insights and ways of doing things. Continuous health education is a must, if we want to lead a life filled with health and happiness.
  7. Monitor health status dedicatedly: Checking our blood pressure, blood sugar level, and body weight must become a habit. Checking this once a week will help us to regularly monitor our health vitals and stay ahead of any changes in the quality of our health. It is necessary to find a way to document our health vitals after checking them.
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Today, we have different wellness or health apps we can use as a tool for this purpose. A yearly comprehensive medical check-up is also important for us to know the state of our health.

Cultivating healthy habits that guarantee holistic health and well-being requires discipline, dedication, and sacrifice. The good news is that the reward is a life filled with good health and good life. Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher and polymath remarked, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

To achieve a healthy lifestyle, we must cultivate the above seven habits on a regular basis and make it part and parcel of our daily life.

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ACTION PLAN: Eat sensibly. Exercise regularly. Sleep sufficiently. Breathe deeply. Think truthfully. Learn practically. Monitor your health status dedicatedly.

AFFIRMATION: I imbibe a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. I am blessed and highly favoured.

Sesan Kareem is the founder of HubCare Health,, and the principal consultant of SK Institute,


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