Seven Habits that Guarantee a Profitable 2022

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Pharm. Sesan Kareem

The year is still relatively new and many result-oriented individuals have their goals for the year in focus. Regardless of the kind of goals you are working towards, I believe the end game is to be profitable. Profitability is all about getting optimum output from your efforts and commitment. Whether you are a CEO of a large organisation, a recent graduate who has just got his entry level employment or a student, the bottom line is to have desired rewards for your efforts at each stage of the year.

Below are seven habits you should develop to make 2022 profitable for you:

Think more

This sounds like a cliché – are we not thinking already? Truth is, due to survival instinct, the human brain is wired more to look at shortcuts and easy way out than to analyse the facts with data and human intelligence. For you to make 2022 a profitable year, you must be intentional about thinking more. If you are a business leader, you need to work on your business as you work in your business. Working on your business simply means thinking about how you can improve your product, develop your people and enhance your process. If you are a student, you need to think more on how you can apply what you are learning in class to solve problems around you and in the society.

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Learn more

To learn is to grow, to grow is to progress. Learning is a hallmark of leaders. In 2022, be intentional about up-skilling. As a manager, you can take a course on cultural intelligence; as a medical student, you can learn about data analysis; as a CEO, you can do a leadership course with Harvard online school, for instance. My point here is that you must be strategic about your learning this year. Turn your car to a school-on-wheel, if you a medical rep. If you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur, this is the time to start reading management books or go for entrepreneurship workshops.


Observe more

In 2022, be a good observer. Be vigilant. In your company, observe those who are leaders and champions more – how they think about problems, how they show up, and what skills they possess that made them champions. Be a scientist; look beyond the surface and focus on the content of people’s character, mindset, driving force, and leadership style.


Listen more

If there is one habit you want to master in 2022, it is to learn how listen closely, carefully and clearly. I have found out that those who go far in life listen more than they talk. Many people have lost opportunities because they are not listening. Many mistakes could have been avoided, if people had just listened with their hearts, asked questions for clarification, and (if necessary) re-asked questions for better clarity, before they took action. Listening skills are essential to your success in life and business.

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Move more

Exercise helps you physically, mentally and emotionally. It controls weight, improves fitness, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, improves moods and helps you combat health conditions and diseases.  When you move more, it strengthens your heart, improves blood circulation, and enhances flexibility. However, being busy with work and life is preventing many professionals to move more. You must schedule regular exercise into your weekly routine and be committed to it.


Rest more

Nature’s pill to rejuvenate our complex body system is rest. The most potent form of rest is sleep. In our busy modern life, we often downplay the role of adequate sleep. In our world of crazy competition for money, fame and materials things, many people are sacrificing adequate quality sleep and, thereby, mortgaging good health and good life. My point is, regardless of how busy you are, you must also create time to rest adequately and recover well. However, it is important for me to state here that it is not how long you sleep but how well. You can sleep for eight hours and still feel unrefreshed if you don’t sleep well.

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Play more

In 2022, have more fun, create more beautiful memories and live your life to the fullest. When you are in traffic in Lagos or any other part of the world, instead of complaining or fuming, play your favourite music and smile through the journey. This year, find more reasons to celebrate and appreciate you, your small wins and people around you. You deserve to enjoy life, not endure it.


ACTION PLAN: To make 2022 a profitable year for you, think more, learn more, observe more, listen more, move more, rest more and play more.

AFFIRMATION: 2022 is a profitable year for me. I am blessed and highly favoured.

Sesan Kareem is the Founder/CEO of HubCare Health,, an AI-powered telemedicine platform that is democratising healthcare for all Africans. He also serves as the Principal Consultant of SK Institute.


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