Steaming Can’t Prevent COVID-19 Infection


An infectious disease expert, Dr. Adefolarin Opawoye, on Tuesday said that body steaming does not prevent people from contracting COVID-19.

Opawoye, who is of the Infectious Diseases Unit, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, stated this during a virtual programme organised by the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos.

The programme was themed, “Second Wave of COVID-19: Frontline Workers Experience and Psychological Tips, the News Agency of Nigeria has reported.

Medicines with a glass of water and a paper tissue

He said: “Steaming doesn’t work for COVID-19, we should be careful about what we read on social media.

“The virus is very difficult to control, we need to adhere strictly to the guidelines in order not to come down with the virus.

“I have seen COVID-19 disgrace people with money and power. The only way people can secure their lives now is to stay safe until the vaccine arrives.”

Opawoye, who is a member of the Nigerian Infectious Diseases Control Society, added that the country’s health system was presently overwhelmed by the second wave of the pandemic.

He said the virus does not target a particular age grade, noting that both young and old can come down with the virus.

“The second wave is really overwhelming health workers. Some of my colleagues are sick.

“The number of cases we have is more than what we are seeing because of our low testing capacity. Our health system is overwhelmed.

“I have seen people below 40 years die from COVID-19 complication, there was even an 18-year old who died and I have also treated a 91-year old asymptomatic patient who is alive.

“People must know that the second wave is worse than the first one. Do the needful and act responsibly to protect yourself and love ones,” he said.

Also, a Senior Lecturer/Consultant Clinical Psychology at LUTH, Dr. Charles Umeh, said the second wave of the virus has brought more psychological problem to frontline health workers.

According to Umeh, stress and anxiety level are now high among health workers due to the second wave of the virus.

“History and study have shown that long term diseases cause psychological problems for people and health workers.

“During the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), there were reports of psychological problems among health workers.

“So, the second wave of this virus has brought more issues such as emotional exhaustion, anger, depersonalisation disorder (Fear of contracting the virus) and others to frontline workers,” he said.



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