The Law of Process



Brian Tracy- endorsed speaker and training consultant
George O. Emetuche

“Be focused on process, not outcome.” – Seth Klarman

If you fix process, you fix results.

I started this write-up at exactly 3am because I will be on another assignment afterward. If I had failed to start at that time, I would not be able to meet up with my goals for the day. Each article takes two to three hours to complete. Therefore, starting at 3am makes a lot of “process sense”.


If you follow process, you make progress

The law of process is extremely important in our endeavours.

The law of process guides us in knowing what to do at any given time. Adhering to this law has helped me to achieve a lot within record time.

If you want to understand the law of process, try to watch a chef when he is preparing a special dish. The expert chef arranges several ingredients and uses them at the right times. He puts ingredients at their right times and in the right proportions. At the end, a delicious meal is served. This is how process works.


Process is about doing it right

Process is about sequence. It is about doing the right things at the right time.

Aggression is not Selling

Another good example of process is the art of book writing. Book writing is likened to a tailor who sews clothes. The tailor cuts clothes to sizes and applies skills in using the needle and thread to get the design he desires. He directs the thread accordingly to get what his client wants. This is how a writer navigates his writing from introduction to conclusion. Every segment of the writing must be in order because the writer approaches it sequentially. This is what happens when you follow process.

Understanding the law of process has helped me as a creative mind. The knowledge industry in which our company – The Selling Champion Consulting Limited – plays, requires almost perfection to excel. Clients expect us to be near perfect. As consultants, clients don’t expect us to make mistakes. This is where knowing the law of process helps.

Process is paramount in executing any task because it deals with series of actions or steps to be taken in order to execute a particular project or assignment. As a sales professional, you must understand the sales process and how to apply it. This is how to excel as a professional. If you understand process, there is no task you can’t execute.

Look Inside More Than You Look Outside


In execution, everything rises and falls on process

Process is embedded in your vision, mission, goals and objectives. It takes process to know what to do at any given time. You can’t achieve your vision without working on your mission. You can’t make a headway in your mission without being effective and efficient in pursuing your goals. You can’t achieve your goals without working on your objectives. You can’t achieve your purpose without designing a smart strategy. These constructs are interwoven, and process as a concept connects them all.

I didn’t learn the law of process in any school. I got it from experience and inspirational knowledge. I have written seven books to date, and presently concluding the 8th. I wrote two of my books – ‘‘Everything is Possible’’ and ‘‘Be Inspired’’ in two weeks, respectively. I have also written over 3000 articles online and offline in 10 years. I still run our business where I design business strategies and training modules. I see to the strategic decisions of our company, including how to position our business better in the tough marketplace. We are able to do all these tasks because we fully understand the law of process.

Unbreakable Laws of Sales-18th Law: Time is a Major Denominator

Nothing great happens on nothing, just as the law of cause and effect says: “For every action, there is a corresponding reaction. Every action begets a reaction.” Make 2022 a year you will be intentional about process. Get better in the law of process


Try these recommended steps to get better in the law of process.

  1. Be equipped. Be prepared. Know yourself, know your industry and be brilliant on the basics.
  2. Know what is required for a task, project or assignment before you commence.
  3. Set goals for yourself. Setting goals will give you direction in the project. Remember, your goals must be SMART-compliant, that is: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bound.
  4. Assemble what you need to get things done: human, tools, and other resources.
  5. Design a step by step approach on how to achieve set goals as in number three above.
  6. Take action. Do the work aspect of the process. Without the action or work part, nothing will be achieved.
  7. Be innovative. Periodically review your process to get better.

Explore the law of process and get better in 2022.


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