The magic in your diet


Have you ever wondered why there are such marked physical differences in the various classes of humanity? In some persons we see diseased and distorted figures, and in others we see fine and perfect personifications of radiant health? It depends so much on their thinking and eating.

Most people are only hanging on to life; they are not able to work magic. But you, as a magician, must know just how to be radiantly fit and mentally alert. As a magician, you must know how best to keep fit, and how to extend your life and live a long, long time. All the magic in the world that you may work for yourself is of little value unless you are radiantly fit and able to live a long time to enjoy it.  If you are beginning to make wonderful demonstrations (and you should be doing so by now), then you need glorious health to enjoy the fruits of your success.

By eating the right foods you will be able to say, “Gone are the aches and pains, the feelings of fatigue, the deadly lassitude that kills.” You will no longer turn over in bed in the morning to sleep a while longer. You will be up with the lark, singing, glad to be alive.

You will not be touchy and irritable any more. You will never know what it is to be exhausted. This is the perfect existence. Life for you will be grand.  “The wind’s on the health, brother; who would wish to die?” That’s how you will feel when you are well.  Your swimming pool, your Rolls-Royce, your yacht, your palatial home, your dreams that have come true through the magic in your mind, what use are they if you are sick and tired? How can you enjoy your new-found treasures, if you are old and weak?

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Youth! Eternal youth! That’s what you want. Bronzed and beautiful and everlasting. Are you losing your youth? How are you losing it? And why? Left too long, youth can never be recovered. If you are not as young as you used to be when life was fun, if you are fully conscious that you are getting older, and begin to feel as one does during the last dance of a ball, tired but keen, then decide right now to do something about it.

You can remain young in spirit and fit in body until well over a hundred. Many people do. It is not just a matter of your attitude to life and thinking the right thoughts, but it’s a matter of what you eat. There are foods which help enormously towards giving you the power to work magic. And there are foods which gradually numb the mind, like slow poison, so that you can never, never have that power.

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Let magic play a vital and fuller part in your health plan. As a magician, you have the power to bring health and beauty to the highest standard that the world has ever known, and a real tranquility to your mind.

So let us consider food, and what we eat often.


·      Bread

Bread, they say, is the staff of life. What sort of bread? Brown or white? This argument has been going on officially since Nero put the Romans on a diet of bread. Nero and his Court liked it white. Is there any difference between brown bread and white, as regards food value, sufficient that it matters?

I think so. A lady said to me the other day, “My son and daughter have each collected some tadpoles to observe their metamorphosis into frogs. My son put some white bread crumbs in his bowl for them to eat; my daughter put brown bread crumbs into her bowl. The next day, all my son’s tadpoles were dead, but my daughter’s are still thriving.”

You like white bread and you eat quantities of it. White bread is treated to maintain its colour, but the agent used may be slowly doing to you as a white-bread eater what it rapidly did to the more fragile tadpoles.  Don’t you agree? Maybe it is slowly killing that “something” in your mind that works magic.  That precious “something.”  I don’t say it is, but I think there is a strong possibility.

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Brown whole-wheat bread is the best, because the wheat germ and the outer coating of the wheat contain most of the vitamins and minerals we need, whereas white-bread bakers remove the essential ingredients before selling to other firms, or as animal feeding. They can make a little money on the side, so to speak.

Do we lose anything from our diet by eating white bread instead of brown whole-wheat? “Of course we do,” says Mr C. Donald Wilson, member of the Soil Association. “The millers take out 30 per cent of the nutrition in wheat.” Like this, even if they put a little bit of it back, essential vitamins are lost from our diet.

When you start adding chemicals to food and adulterating natural food, harm and ill-health are bound to result. Why do the Indians, the Africans, the Hunzas, enjoy such perfect health? Because they eat pure food grown on natural soil. To bring out the magic in your mind, you must give thought to these things.








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