Three Practical Ways to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever


Life is a journey. It has a beginning and an end. Each year brings us a fresh opportunity to start all over again and work towards achieving our purpose in life. Since we use the Gregorian calendar to count our days on earth, it is quite logical to plan for your next level at the beginning of the year.

But then, it must be said that 80 per cent of people who set goals for themselves for the year often abandon it by second week of February. The questions include, why do people easily give up on their goals?  Why are few people moving from strength to strength year in, year out, while many other folks are stuck for years at a particular level? What differentiates between the winners and the masses?

I’ve dedicated 11 years of my life to studying personal growth and what makes the difference between the champions and the losers. Based on  personal experiences and result- oriented principles and practices that have worked for thousands of individuals from all walks of life for ages across the globe, there are three practical steps you can take to become a winner and make your 2018 your best year ever.

  1. Ask intelligently: The first step towards accomplishing any worthy achievement is deep desire. To ask for what we want in life with clarity. You need to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) goals. Write them down. Think through them. Read them often, at least twice daily. Your goals must connect you to your dreams. Connect your results to the right and genuine reasons that will inspire you not to give up as you strive hard to achieve your objectives. Ask intelligently, and you are half way to receiving what you ask for. Review your goals on a weekly basis. Monitor your progress and make adjustment as necessary. The good news about asking is, we have the power to ask as much as we deeply desire and believe we deserve.
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  1. Believe wholeheartedly: Belief is a state of mind that gives you the confidence that what you asked for is already yours. If you believe it is yours, it is yours. If you believe that it isn’t yours, it isn’t yours. If you believe you can, you can. If you believe you cannot, you cannot. Believing is seeing. To the uninitiated in the science of achievements and the art of fulfilment, seeing is believing, and so they are stuck because they plan and work with little imagination and lousy faith. But the winners believe and they receive. True believing is characterised by deploying massive action, determination, persistence, commitment, concentration, creativity, perseverance and dedication on your road to turning your goals to reality. Believe in yourself; you can achieve your goals. No matter your level of education, desire or plans, if you don’t believe in yourself, you will keep getting the same results and operating on the same level. Use repeated affirmations and visualisation to boost your confidence level. It really works.
  2. Receive carefully: After asking intelligently, believing wholeheartedly by taking action and persevering until you achieve your results, the magical thing that will follow is to receive. Celebrate your win, but don’t rest too long, the work must continue. The entire process must be started all over again. You must be happy and contented for who you are and what you have accomplished but never be satisfied with your results. There is always room for improvement and the best is yet to come. Stay hungry. Remember, you are a champion.
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I believe 2018 can be a remarkable year for you if you efficiently apply the above principles. It looks too simple. But don’t let the simplicity of the ideas above deceive you. True genius lies in simplicity. The above tips helped me to achieve amazing results in 2017 and they have helped thousands of achievers across our world to do the same. They will help you get amazing results if you apply them religiously.

I hope that by the end of 2018, when you look back to reflect on your performance throughout the year,  you will be so proud of what you have achieved and who you have become because you’ve asked intelligently, believed wholeheartedly and received carefully.

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ACTION PLAN: Write down your goals, read them out twice daily and go to work on them. Use affirmations and imagination to build your belief system. Stay hungry

AFFIRMATION: I have made 2018 my best year ever. I am blessed and highly favoured.


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