Top Home Remedies for Snoring


Snoring is a common sleep problem with significant public health concerns. In fact, snoring among Nigerians has been associated with multiple factors. While the risk factors of snoring range from hypertension, to cerebrovascular disease, heart disease and daytime somnolence, experts have called for increase in awareness campaign about the condition.

Snoring is caused by air vibrating in the upper respiratory tract. There are many recommended snoring remedies, but which are the most effective?

Snoring husband distorting the sleep of the wife.

Dr Daniel Murrell of Medical News Today recently reviewed some practical methods to ease or cure the condition. They are listed below:

Snoring Remedies

The following lifestyle changes and tips may reduce or stop a person’s snoring.

  1. Losing weight
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Overweight individuals are more likely to snore. Fatty tissue and poor muscle tone, particularly around the throat, contribute to snoring.Eating a calorie-controlled, healthful diet and regularly exercising are the best ways to lose weight.

  1. Sleeping on one side

A person is more likely to snore if they lie on their back, which can cause the tongue to move to the back of the throat. This makes breathing harder and can cause the vibrations of snoring.

Sleeping on one side may allow the air to flow more smoothly, reducing the vibrations. This may either stop the sound of a snore or make it quieter.

  1. Quitting smoking
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In addition to harming overall health, smoking irritates the airways, and this can make snoring worse.If a person smokes, quitting may help them to snore less, if at all.

  1. Avoiding alcohol

Drinking a significant amount of alcohol relaxes the throat muscles. When these muscles relax, they are more likely to vibrate. Avoiding alcohol before bed may reduce or stop snoring.

  1. Avoiding sleeping pills

Sedative medications, or sleeping pills, can lead to very deep sleep. This may have a relaxing effect on the throat muscles and cause snoring. A doctor can recommend healthful ways to ensure a good night’s sleep.

  1. Elevating the head

Elevating the head using additional pillows may help to open the airways, reducing or eliminating snoring. Marketers offer pillows designed to prop up the body and prevent snoring. These are available to buy online.

  1. Treating allergies
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An allergic reaction may lead to congestion and blocked airways. This can make snoring worse. If a person’s snoring is caused by allergies, getting effective treatment can help.




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