UK Pharmacists Lament Drugs Scarcity


It is no longer business as usual for pharmacists practicing in the United Kingdom, as they are experiencing what has been described as worst drugs scarcity ever, a situation which has landed many patients in the hospitals.

According to a healthcare practitioner whose name is withheld : It's not only frustrating, it's dangerous: as a result of drug shortages, patients are being harmed and even hospitalised, according to a survey of GPs and pharmacists for the parliamentary All-Party Pharmacy Group (APPG).

The situation which was reported by DailyMailonline, was said to have been aggravated due to continuous export of drugs from the UK to other countries in Europe, for profit maximisation. The report further revealed that researchers calculated the average wholesale price per dose of 210 prescription drugs sold in eight European countries, and found that the National Health Scheme of the country consistently paid the least.

Pharmacists in Academia Charged to Revisit the Basics

The practitioner further remarked that although the practice is legal, but if exporting a drug creates a shortage for the NHS, it becomes a criminal offence, punishable by an unlimited fine and up to two years in prison.

Although, the challenged had been mentioned earlier by the All-Party Pharmacy Group (APPG) in 2012, but it appears nothing significant was done to curb the export of these drugs.

Going forward, does this serves as a warning signal to the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health?few






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