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It’s a new year and we are delighted to present to you value-added services that have been specially designed to bring happenings and updates in the health industry closer to you. They are:

Pharmanews e-Edition on PDF 

Through the monthly e-edition of Pharmanews, our readers from all over the world now have access to the digital replica of the journal anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the e-edition is enhanced with the latest digital tools to ensure quality layout and user-friendliness. This is now available as an app on Google play store.

Nigerian Pharmaceutical Directory (NPD) e-Edition on PDF

As with Pharmanews, we now produce the e-edition of the highly rated Nigerian Pharmaceutical Directory, which provides you with comprehensive, up-to-date information on the pharmaceutical industry and health institutions.

Address by the president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN)

Pharmanews and NPD Apps on Android, iOS & Windows Phone

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With the newly launched Pharmanews Android, Windows and iOS applications, stories in Pharmanews – including those promoting advertisers’ products and services – can now be instantly viewed on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere in the world. Similarly, the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Directory app offers the benefits of convenience and easy access to comprehensive information about the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry. Both apps can be downloaded from Google play store, iOS App store and Windows store.

Pharmanews Website:

Pharmanews website (www.pharmanewsonline.com) has become one of the leading online health news portals, with a daily traffic of thousands of global visitors, especially healthcare professionals.  Visit the website for news, analyses, opinions and trends concerning the health industry.

Drug Import Reduction: A Welcome Boost to Local Manufacturing

Pharmanews Electronic Archive – PDF

Pharmanews electronic archive is a compilation of past editions of Pharmanews in portable device format (PDF). It is compiled in yearly volumes of 12 editions from 1979. This gives you unlimited access to reports of past events, as well as trends in the industry.

We shall continue to develop additional value-added services to keep you informed in more convenient ways.

Thanks for staying with Pharmanews!



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