Unbreakable Laws of Sales: 12th Law- Your Performance Is Your Reality


Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. —    Michael Jordan                

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt stamped his authority as the fastest man by becoming the first athlete to win three Olympic 100m titles in his final Olympics at Rio 2016, to replicate his successes at Beijing 2008 and London 2012. Champions are made. Top performance doesn’t hide. Folks notice the champion because champions don’t hide. Bolt proved to be the best and we all celebrate him.

Similarly, on 28 January 2017, my favourite tennis player, Serena Williams, beat her sister, Venus Williams, to win her seventh Australian Open title. Serena, who ranks No. 1 in Women’s Singles, equals Stefanie Graf’s Grand Slam tally of 22 by winning her seventh Wimbledon title in an outstanding final against Angelique Kerber on 9 July, 2016. This is another excellent performance by Serena.

Champions don’t count the number of times they won; they just want to continue the winning strides because people celebrate excellence.

Serena and Bolt have, no doubt, written their names in gold because of their performances.  People celebrate top performance because your performance is your reality. Your performance stands you out in a crowd.

Sales Objection

In sales, performance is recorded on the go

Sales job is one of the jobs in which you can measure performance on the go. High performance is noticed immediately. You are either selling or not. Your results will be evident, either positive or negative. Excuses are not allowed.

Salespeople who give excuses for poor performance are regarded as storytellers. Sales profession does not entertain stories. Storytellers give excuses and they are regarded as average salespeople who may not get to the peak of their career.

You must do the job and make the difference. You just have to reach or exceed your sales target. Your performance speaks for you. You are identified by your performance. You earn more when you perform more. It is your duty to identify how to be successful in your selling because you are appraised by what you bring to the table.

Attitude is the Only Thing

Don’t complain, just fix it!

Average salespeople have a different opinion. They give excuses in everything. They spend a lot of time complaining about what is available and what is not made available for the job. They complain about the weather, the working tools and the environment. They even complain about the job. In short, average salespeople complain about everything and give ‘‘beautiful reasons’’ for poor performance.

Complaints don’t pay bills! You must do your best with the tools available to you. You are the main factor that will make things work. Everything begins with you. Nothing will work when you fail to work. Quit complaining and get things done; fix the challenges and be celebrated!

Excellent performance comes from a positive attitude

Excellent performance is a function of attitude to work. Your results will likely soar when your commitment to the job is high. Your output will be commendable when you are willing to go the extra mile to increase your input.

This sequence follows the Law of Cause and Effect, propounded by Aristotle, which states that ‘‘Every effect has a specific cause, every cause or action, has a corresponding effect.‘’ This law is applied by successful people all over the world. Successful people go all the way to invest efforts in order to achieve the things they want.

The Sales Process (4)

What you give is what you get. The things you put in are the things you will get in return. The value you invested is the value you will recoup. When you plant yam, you reap yam. You cannot cultivate cassava and harvest coconut. This is the sequence of the Law of Cause and Effect. High performance precepts also follow this law.

It is predictable that when you invest adequate energy and resources in a project, you attain tbe  expected result. Peak performance in sales sets the salesman apart. A result-oriented salesperson usually earns higher than his colleagues.

The target of every salesman is high performance. No one changes a team that delivers good result. This is one of the laws of success. The more you perform, the more you are needed.


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