Understanding People the “Write” Way (2) 


Consider the different handwriting samples from two medical reps below. Do you think these two individuals can easily work together, assuming they were assigned the same group to deliver on a task or project?

One area of concern for many companies or organisations is the staff turnover rate. Many employers have tried so many options in resolving this challenge – for example, by introducing bonus packages, salary raise etc. However, once an employee has made up his or her mind to exit an establishment, it is usually very difficult to halt the process.

It is believed that employees do not leave an organisation but leave a manager in that organisation in the real sense of it. A lot of times, companies fail to pay keen attention to the “people skills” of a manager who is well-known to deliver on his budget numbers, year in year out. Unknown to them, the unceasing exodus of almost 95 per cent of the medical representatives working under his district or region could be caused by his poor attitudinal disposition to empathetic matters that affect them.

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Understanding people the “write” way (2)
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The question is, could such a situation have been avoided with a professional assessment of the key strengths and areas of concerns of the entire team in that region? The answer is yes. One very “simple” way to do that is by profiling the personality traits of each and everyone of them, from their handwriting, to know who and who can better work together in a team and those that may have challenges.

This does not neccessarily reflect a difficult personality type, it’s just for us to realise as a matter of fact that some people “flow” better or are more comfortable working with some other members of the same team and the leadership or the management should be sensitive enough to factor that into any deployment arrangements.

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Relationship compatibility the “write” way

Virtually everything in life rises and falls on good relationship management. Whether the conversation is about leadership, membership, followership, even hardship, all have to do with relationship. We all know that team work could go a long way in bringing advancement and is quite vital for those in the sales department. However, all efforts can be frustrated if you have an Achilles heel included in the team.

One key area that graphology has been of tremendous benefit is in the area of relationship compability. You can literally get to know about how compatible two individuals are, without them having to utter a word, provided you know what to look out for in their handwriting samples.

In the two samples available for review, the answer to the initial question asked as to whether or not these two individuals are compatible is a yes. Among other considerations, one of the simplest ways to find out compatibility between two people is to look out for similarities in their slants and letter sizes of specific letters in the handwriting. Both samples are slanted towards the right and as a rule in graphology, like attracts like.

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If a stroke shows up over and over in a handwriting, then it is no longer an accident or coincidence but a behaviour. However, to have a more reliable result, it might help to get more than one handwriting sample in order to compare and check for consistency; but in the absence of that, a sample would suffice.

In the next edition, we shall be considering another area in this series. However, always keep in mind that if you want it right, then do it the “write” way.

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