Voting Ends Today : Vote for the Outstanding Pharmacist of the Year 2020


Following the nomination exercise for the Outstanding Pharmacist of the Year 2020, which ended 17 July, 2020, a specially constituted panel have conducted background checks on nominees with the highest nominations, who also met the stipulated criteria for the poll.

In view of this, the following candidates have been shortlisted for the poll: Dr Akwaowoh Akpabio; Pharm. (Mrs) Olubukola George, Pharm. Ocholi Jonathan Adamu; Pharm. Shina Opanubi and Pharm. Emmanuel Okala.

Photograph of candidates

You are to vote for the candidate of your choice among them, while the candidate with the highest votes emerges the winner.

  • Please note that VOTING CLOSES on 13 August, 2020 at 11:59 PM
  • You can only vote once. The system will prevent you from voting if you have voted before.
  • Only registered users can vote. After registration a confirmation link with your password will be sent to your email. Visit this page again and use the details to login and vote
  • Your comments are highly welcome. However, comments do not count as vote cast
    To vote, please register to view the ballot page.
Monarch, commissioner canvass public enlightenment on fake drugs

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This poll has ended (since 3 years).
Emmanuel Okala
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Shina Opanubi
0.00% 0
Ocholi Jonathan Adamu
0.00% 0
Olubukola George
0.00% 0
Akwaowoh Akpabio
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  1. Casting my vote for Sina Opanubi for his tireless contributions to capacity building and public seminars pharmacy!

  2. I vote Pharm Olubukola George for being a relevant member of the community with outstanding solutions through integrative pharmacy chain established in Nigeria.

  3. Am voting for the most wonderful of all the lioness herself in the midst of men the true definition of beauty Mrs BUKOLA GEORGE.

  4. My vote goes to the one and only lioness amongst the lions the definition of beauty herself BUKOLA GEORGE (MRS)

  5. Just voted for Pharmacist Akwaowo, a worthy ambassador of our noble profession. He deserves more votes.

  6. I vote Pharm.(Dr) Akwaowo Akpabio for this award. He contributed immensely to the pharmacy profession.

    • My vote is for Pharm. Emmanuel Okala!!! He is an outstanding person with a good heart for humanity! He is absolutely good on the job!!!

  7. I guess the short list needs to be accompanied with some outstanding performances in respect of each contestant to guide informed decision on voting. As it is most of us voted those we know or colleagues we work with for obvious reasons.
    Organizers need to factor in these observations in subsequent contexts.

  8. Dr. Okala is an embodiment of selfless service. He is a born leader with the heart of a true servant. This quality, which is so desperately needed, yet lacking in many sectors, is what Dr. Okala is about. He deserves to be rightfully recognised, and encouraged by giving him our vote.

  9. Pharmacist Emmanuel Okala is a trustworthy, determined hard worker,very professional in his work execution and selfless in service.

  10. I give it to the brain behind Integrated pharmacy across the nation and beyond, ALL TO OLUBUKOLA GEORGE.

  11. Emmanuel Okala all the way. Outstanding personality and a true professional. My vote is 100% for you.

  12. Emmanuel Okala all the way. You deserve ut brother. When i think of your giant strides and sacrifices you have made durimg the pandemic,am left with no choice than to choose you a thousand times. Lets go Okala for thecwin

  13. I vote Pharm.(Dr) Akwaowo Akpabio for this award. He contributed immensely to the pharmacy profession.


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