What do you know about Male Pattern Baldness?


Male pattern baldness:
1 is androgenetic alopecia
2 is caused by the release of prostaglandins
3 may be precipitated by chemical hair preparations

ONE or MORE of the responses above is (are) correct. Decide which of the responses is
(are) correct. Then choose:
A if 1, 2 and 3 are correct
B if 1 and 2 only are correct
C if 2 and 3 only are correct
D if 1 only is correct
E if 3 only is correct


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    There exists a ukraine girl dating more rewarding dialogue than Colbert explored it’s getting old for me with Stephen one on a bed that is he DOES serve a purpose and I very much enjoy his political satire when placed on the mantel for all to gaze at!

    Colbert neglected the mark with Barney.

    Fannie and Freddie wasn’t problem.

    Goldman who took ZERO equity mortgage products from wa Mutual Country Wide escalated the housing bubble. WaMu died hugest bank failure in US history. very unique how WaMu brokers would say to Goldman “You SURE you prefer NO PROOF IF INCOME Zero equity loans? No credit rating”.

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    So I a 30 years old pretty lady in spanish Korean male living here in NYC. I have noticed increasing amount of posts about online dating/OLD dating being bad and people worrying about OLD. so when a Korean/Asian man, I have noticed my fellow Asian men posting about complaints of dating here in America or Western World.

    I may come off as a psychopath according to some of y but I have been documenting about my dating example of my little Google spreadsheet since August 2017 to better learn myself, style, And seeing if there are any room for refurbishment. you will have to say, This guy will sound like fucking Dexter Morgan with his blood slides. bad, I i would like to document my dating history to improve myself. Some of you may find this intriquing, notable and some of you may not.

    Do I appear at myself ugly? less. Do I consider myself conventionally handsome? completely no. I have yourself posted twice about my looks and ratings at r/Rateme, And I have gotten as low as 4 and often 8. i really don’t consider myself an 8 nor a 4, But I would absolutely rate myself 6 7. Do I go on copious amounts of dates? n’, But I do take dates. visits two dates, Most of my dates since August 2017 are commonly arranged from online (really two Apps). So despite normal belief here that OLD is cancerous and ineffective, It CAN succeed if you have good photos and a good bio (Mostly good graphics tho). And I not top 10% in NYC and/or community for looks. Nor am I pinnacle 20%.

    desired belief, what does hold truth, Is that Asian men have problem dating in US/Western World due to media portrayal of Asian men in negative light. This was confirmed by an OkCupid Study where they figured that Asian men and Black women have the hardest time in the OLD world. e-mail, image rejected because of my race/ethnicity. they would not say out loud that it my race, But sometimes when you know, comprehend. Other times I have been rejected for my rather brash outlook. Fair on the web, No hard beliefs and feelings. But whether some of you want to live in an obtuse world that race has no factor in the singles dating scene (Or other aspects of living for instance), It for certain does. in spite of this, To my man Asian men, This does not mean you do not possess a chance. Most of my dates have been in the vicinity of my race, So it certainly hasn affected me to some extent where I don go on dates outside of my race.

    Some of you may think I a psychopath, but be it. Some of you might think this is interesting as a general observation. And some of it may seem I bragging, But I do not feel I have gone on TONS of dates to think I bragging. My point of post is that 1) OLD can still be useful 2) Asian men such as myself can go on dates over and above my race.

  5. The answer is D, and the winner is Maryam and Ridwan, but would we would like to cede the gift to Adeniyi, because Maryam has benefited a couple of times.
    Male-pattern baldness is also referred to as androgenetic alopecia. It occurs
    when genetically predisposed hair follicles in the scalp respond to stimulation
    by circulating androgens.


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