What do you know about Plaquenil?



1 is used in the management of active rheumatoid disease of
moderate inflammatory activity
2 requires regular monitoring of visual acuity
3 side-effects include pulmonary fibrosis

ONE or MORE of the responses above is (are) correct. Decide which of the responses is (are) correct. Then choose:
A if 1, 2 and 3 are correct
B if 1 and 2 only are correct
C if 2 and 3 only are correct
D if 1 only is correct
E if 3 only is correct


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  2. B is the answer and winners are: Eze Hyginus and Nickyslyva4jesus.
    Plaquenil contains hydroxychloroquine, which is an antimalarial product used
    in the management of active rheumatoid disease of moderate inflammatory
    activity. It suppresses the disease process. In long-term treatment, it is associ￾ated with visual changes and retinal damage, although to a lesser extent than
    chloroquine. Before starting treatment, baseline visual acuity should be
    assessed. During treatment, visual acuity should be monitored annually andthe patient should be advised to seek advice if ocular symptoms occur.
    Methotrexate, which is another disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug, may
    present pulmonary fibrosis as a side-effect.


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