What’s your Strategy?


“Hope is not a strategy” – Vince Lombardi

A lot of people keep hoping without plan, strategy and action. Great things don’t happen on nothing.  I met someone this January to know his plans and strategies for the year. The feedback I got from him didn’t show that he has prepared in this direction. I later gave him an assignment on how to get started.

Everything is strategy! The environment is tough, you require a smart strategy to get things done. You need strategy at home, in your career, in your business, and every aspect of your life.

Life is strategy

Strategy tells how you will get things done. It’s not enough to have a vision, you must support your vision with a good strategy; otherwise it becomes an illusion. A lot of people have designed beautiful new year resolutions. But many of these resolutions are abandoned within the first quarter or second quarter of the year. Why is this so? The reason is simple: No strategy!


Many people have written great goals on paper. They want to achieve a lot of smart things this year. The issue is not necessarily not to have a goal. A lot of people have goals, at least unwritten ones. The main issue is how to bring your goals to life! A lot of folks can dream but making your dream a reality is the crux of the matter. Why is this so? Again, I say, lack of strategy.

Look Inside More Than You Look Outside

I have met a lot of people in my career as an accredited trainer, speaker, consultant, life coach and entrepreneur. I know that I have mentored people who achieved their goals. I have also met people who wanted to get to the top without using the ladder. They just wanted to jump to the top. They just wanted to fly to the top without following a process.

The person who wants to jump to the top to avoid using a ladder may be on his way to the orthopedic hospital! People who jump from lofty heights unguarded, may get wounded. This is usually the case. Success follows a defined process.

I wrote a complete book on success: The 11 Irrefutable Principles of Success. I recommend you get the book. It’s a great read. One outstanding rule for success is following the right paths consistently and doing the right things at the right time. Achieving success in life follows a sequence. Success is a journey, not a destination. It requires a process. You don’t jump at success, you work at success. You work on success.

Five Weapons of The Salesman
Brian Tracy- endorsed speaker and training consultant
George O. Emetuche

Take charge

You must take charge now! You must sit on the driver’s seat and take charge of the journey. Time is clicking gradually. January is almost done. Other months will come and go too! Time waits for no one. Time clicks away selfishly without waiting for anyone. It’s up to the man or woman who desires change to meet up with the ever moving time. You must make your day count. Don’t just count the days!

Nothing happens if we don’t happen to things. Designing a smart strategy is the way to go. You just have to happen to things! That’s the way of champions. No General goes to the battlefield without a war plan. The better the plan, the more chances the General has to defeat his opponents. Life is a battlefield. We need to come to the battleground with smart strategies. The time is now!

No two strategies are the same. Look at your capacity and environment and design a strategy that fits your situation and your environment. Do it now!  The attitude that kills success is the “someday” attitude. Average people always say they will do the right things someday. Someday I will write my goals down. Someday I will learn that skill. Someday I will sharpen my talent. Someday I will build capacity. Someday I will join a mastermind group. Someday I will launch that idea. Someday I will start that business. Someday I will register for that course. Someday, Someday, Someday! Fix it now. Champions don’t give excuses. They get inside the ring, fight hard and win. No excuses!

Making the man who makes the sales

What’s your strategy to achieve your beautiful goals? Strategy tells you the things to do and the ones to avoid. Michael Porter, once said, ‘’The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.’’ You need to know what to do and what you are not supposed to do. You need to be strategic. You must determine the tactics you will explore in this tough arena. This is your call, it’s not transferable.

Design a smart strategy now.

Without thinking, you start nothing.

Without passion, you believe nothing.

Without action, you achieve nothing.

Without strategy, you join the crowd!

Be intelligently strategic!

George O. Emetuche, CES, is a Brian Tracy-endorsed bestselling author, accredited training consultant, life coach, sales and marketing consultant.


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