Why People Don’t Keep New Year Resolutions


Understanding people the “write” way (2)
Dipo MacJob (DrWrite)

In the last edition, I did mention that we shall be expatiating on parenting the write way; that is, seeing how graphology can be leveraged in understanding children. We will be delving into this later this year. My apologies for the inconveniences.

For this edition, let me start by wishing you special blessings of the season. It is a new year and it has to be a new you. However, as much as I desire that everyone experiences newness this new year, the bitter reality is that a lot of people will still struggle with detaching themselves from the past year in order to fully enjoy all that the new year has to offer.

There is something a lot of people do not understand about the human body. It is that it has a language it responds to. If this language is not well communicated to it, there is no progress. Until that “software” is upgraded, you can only do so much.

At the beginning of every new year or should I say close to the end of the exiting year, people create resolutions – something they truly desire to do or achieve in the new year; a new habit they want to form or drop. However, few days or weeks into the new year, they drop along the line.

Relating With People the “Write” Way (2)

What could be the reason? It is not so much because they do not desire a change; the real problem is that they are not communicating the change they desire to their bodies in the way and manner that allows the body to cooperate with them. The body human body is so powerful that not even the spirit can function adequately without the “agreement” of the human body.

The body and our subconscious mind are one and the same. The conscious mind is different from these two in operation but functionally they are all located within the human body. The reason many struggle to meet up with the demands of the resolution is that the information was received by the conscious mind but the memo, as it were, is yet to get to the subconscious and until that is done or achieved, the body doesn’t align with the conscious by default. So, in your thoughts, you want to exercise more regularly but this desire hasn’t registered strong enough in your subsconcious mind, so much so that your body can easily move in the direction of the required activity or assignment.

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You may ask , how does the information, instruction, command or “memo” get to the subconscious, which in turn impacts on the body? Several techniques are used, which are typical of body language. Two of such are repetitions and affirmations. When you consistently say something so much so that your awareness of the repeated statement becomes so high, your body easily agrees with you to operationalise whatever it is. It is a powerful principle that helps many who are known to be consistent at making changes and impacts.

This year, if you must blast those targets and goals you have set for yourself , you need to really understand the language of the body, otherwise you would end up running through 2023 the same way you did 2022.

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What are you willing to do differently this year? How do you intend to do it? My suggestion to you is to begin with strong affirmations of those well-written plans and goals. Make positive declarations. Say what you want to see to stupor. The more you do, the more your body gets the communication and becomes convinced to align with your desires.

An understanding of body language is very key for everyone in every sphere of life. Thus, this year, we are going to focus a lot on the importance of body language and the various areas of use.

If your sales team have a bit of understanding of how to leverage, then meeting and exceeding sales numbers would not be a problem at all. Till we meet in the next edition, always remember that “every body talks”.


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