Why Women Should Drink More Water During Pregnancy


Drink More Water During Pregnancy
Drink More Water During Pregnancy

To Keep Hydrated: We are all familiar with the effects of dehydration, common symptoms being headaches, nausea, and dizziness. While pregnant, women are no strangers to these symptoms — why not take away one more potential cause of making one feel more ill than she already is?

Some studies suggest that drinking too much sugar-infested soda can result in an increased risk of contracting     gestational diabetes. There is an increased risk of cavities forming in pregnant women as well, and drinks with sugar   in them will help those cavities form.  Drinking water will hydrate you enough so you won’t go reaching for that tempting can of soda.

For Smooth and Clear Complexion: Pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc on one’s face. What was once smooth can now be riddled with pimples. It’s an age old beauty industry truth that drinking water helps maintain a clear complexion.

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Prevents Infections: Pregnant women are prone to urinary tract infections. By keeping the urine diluted with a high volume of water, you minimize the risk of contracting one.

Prevents Edema: Many women suffer from edema when pregnant. Swelling that is more than normal is usually associated with elevated blood pressure. Drinking water helps flush out the sodium, thereby minimizing the swelling.

Amniotic Fluid Balance: Your baby needs a deep swimming pool to nestle in, and maintaining a good level of amniotic fluid is of utmost importance. Drinking water helps ensure the amniotic fluid levels don’t go too low, according to some studies.

Enhances Easy Blood Flow: Pregnant women are no strangers to blood draws. When you are hydrated, your blood flows better which makes it easier to access and draw blood without the vein collapsing. And who wants to risk a painful, drawn out date with your local phlebotomist?

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Prevents Heat: Heat intolerance is a common complaint of pregnant women. With a higher susceptibility to heat stroke and exhaustion due to the need to cool themselves as well as the babies inside of them, drinking water is an easy method to quickly cool down. There is also a danger to the baby a woman carries when her inner temperature gets too high, so drink away.

Prevents Overeating: A common dieting technique is to drink plenty of water as it helps trigger the “full” indicator inside the body. Many women struggle with excessive weight gain during pregnancy for an assortment of reasons. Drinking water can help prevent overeating.

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Prevents Constipation: Water also helps prevent constipation which many women suffer from during pregnancy when their bowel movements get sluggish due to physical changes, iron supplements, and hormonal changes. Of course, after birth drinking water is also imperative, especially for nursing mothers who are maintaining a milk supply for their babies.


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