Yakasai, Atueyi, Others Applaud SK Achievers Forum


-As PSN president narrates his success story

Following another scintillating performance, eminent pharmacists and other professionals have showered accolades on the organisers of SK Achievers Forum.

While endorsing the initiative at a two-day training held at Business School Netherland, GRA, Ikeja on February 21, 2018, Alhaji Ahmed Yakasai, president, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) noted that personal development is key for anybody hoping to become a better person in the society.

PSN President, Ahmed Yakasai and Pharm. Sesan Kareem (Middle) with other organisers of SK Achivers Forum.

According to Yakasai, he was always happy being in the midst of young professionals especially pharmacists who strive to add value to their careers through trainings, seminars and workshops.

“These are the habits of successful pharmacists. I must commend Pharm. Sesan Kareem and his team for this successful initiative,” he remarked.

Yakasai’s Success Story

While narrating his success story, the PSN boss explained he was not a beneficiary of any quota system.

“All I have achieved were as a result of hard work and personal development. In fact, when I resigned from my position as Director of Pharmaceutical Services (DPS), I did not even have up to N30,000 in my account.

“As at the time I finished schooling, there was nothing like HIV/AIDS in the country. But I was determined to study it nevertheless. At the end, I became one of the most sought-after top resource persons and earned as much as N1 million monthly,” he said.

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Speaking further, Yakasai noted that he was subsequently courted by the Kano State governor who wanted him to come and serve in his government on a monthly take-home of N250,000.

“While still foot-dragging and considering the offer, the governor personally visited and convinced me to see the appointment as a public service to his people. With that, I knew within me that I need no further conviction.

“All along, I must confess that my innermost dream was to be a pharma manufacturer. But events kept overtaking such aspiration. That notwithstanding, I will still pursue it,” he remarked.

While applauding participants at the Achievers Forum, the PSN helmsman announced that his journey through life was sharpened by several seminars, workshops and trainings he received both locally and on the international stage.

“Today, many people commend me on how active I am on Facebook. The truth is that everything I know about the social media is also as a result of the trainings I have attended,” he enthused.

Yakasai’s assertion was further buttressed by Pharm. Lere Baale, director of Business School Netherland (BSN) who declared that the future is heading to a place where only B.Sc would no longer be relevant for employment.

“People must be proactive to the extent of seeing the future long before it arrives. It is sad enough that a section of the Nigerian society is still seeing Pharmacy in the light of mere dispensary. No, it is far advanced than that,” he stressed.

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Sir Ifeanyi Atueyi’s stress management presentation

Earlier in his presentation on ‘Stress Management & Healthy Living’, Sir Ifeanyi Atueyi, managing director of Pharmanews Limited remarked that his interest in training programmes started in 1992 when World Health Organisation (WHO) invited him for a workshop in Geneva.

“It coincided with when the National Agency of Food Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) was just established. I also recalled that the then director general, Prof. Gabriel Osuide showed some sort of solidarity by sending us eight participants from the agency,” he reminisced.

Explaining the term ‘Personal Development,’ convener of the Achievers Forum, Pharm. Sesan Kareem, a public speaker and personal assistant to the PSN president described it as ‘A positive change in one’s self image, inner programming and attitude’ that tends to lead to a positive change in one’s world and the world at large.

“That it is personal does not mean that it is all about you. The world does not care how you started your journey. It is more interested in how you end it.

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“Knowledge is not power. No, power is the application of knowledge. This is why we need to be careful about what our eyes and ears are exposed to,” he said.

On how personal development can further make one a better person, Kareem enumerated getting new knowledge, new skills and a positive attitude to life as key.

The speaker also warned that there are three factors every successful entrepreneur must nip in the bud.

“These are fear, anger and greed. On fear, you need to take massive action regardless of how big or small the project is. Anger, on the other hand needs to be tamed by always being at peace with oneself.

“The last one – Greed – is more like a pitfall for most entrepreneurs without contentment. Every great initiative demands patience because it takes time to build something great in life,” he reassured.

Attendance of participants at the forum

In attendance were Pharm. Lekan Asuni, managing director, Lefas Pharmaceuticals Limited; Pharm. Ogheneochuko Omaruaye, managing director, New Height Pharmaceuticals; Mrs. Jumoke Olukoya, managing director, Paxo Pharmaceuticals; Pharm. Peter Onimisi, former chairman, Young Pharmacists Group; Yusuff Moshood, editor, Pharmanews Limited and Pharm. Tosin Adeyemi, former chairman, Nigerian Pharmacists in Academia (NAPA), Lagos chapter.


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