Your Direction To Success


All roads lead to somewhere but not all roads may lead to where you want to go. Therefore, before asking for the road, be sure of where you are going. The destination is very important. Have you observed someone looking for direction to a place? It is a disaster asking another person who is ignorant of the destination for help.

In life, everyone is going to a predetermined place and it is your responsibility to know your destination. Some know where they are going while many do not know. They accept any situation they find themselves as their lot.

Certain traits characterise those who have no clear vision of their life’s journey. Like someone unsure of his destination, they always depend upon other people for direction. They accept the counsel of equally ignorant fellows because they are not sure of themselves. Often, they agree with the popular opinion because they don’t trust their own opinion.  They imitate other people they believe are better.

If you are driving and looking for the correct turn or a landmark on the road, you drive   slowly. In Lagos, most drivers have no patience for such drivers in front of them. They often demonstrate their anger by honking and using abusive words.

There may be uncertainties making you to be very cautious and slow in taking decisions and moving ahead. A lot of time is wasted on decision-making as a result of procrastination. Your mind is clogged with doubt and fear and you vacillate. Such persons have negative attitude to life and do not make any progress.

Cataract of the inner eyes

Check your friends and see if they are helping you to move towards your destination. The best friend is the one who helps you become the person God created you to be. Your friend should be genuinely interested in your success. Do you know that some friends are envious of one another’s success and speak about such in a disparaging manner? Do not regard as friends those who themselves do not know where they are going. They have nothing to add to your life.

Your daily habits reveal a lot about you. How do you spend your morning hours, in particular? How early does your day start? Some people spend most precious hours of the day in frivolities. The hours you miss in the morning cannot be recovered in the day. My mother used to say that if the morning sun could not dry your clothes, the evening sun cannot do it.

Daily activities must be prioritised to lead you to the desired destination. Do you have a ‘To Do’ list? Without it, your day cannot be organised because you will attend to any matter that comes before you and neglect the important ones.

Activate Your Business Ideas

As we get older we become more conscious of proper usage of time. Senior citizens ought to rationalise and regulate their activities to maximise the use of their time and energy.  Meetings and other social activities must be evaluated, as some of them may be unnecessary. Paul said, “I have the right to do anything,” you say – but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything” – but not everything is constructive” (1 Corinthians 10:23, NIV).

Your library and the books you read are a pointer to your long-term goals and aspirations. At certain stages in life, your choice of books get narrowed down. You are no longer in general interest reading but acquiring specialised knowledge to achieve a certain purpose. Your education is not to become a jack of all trades and master of none. Therefore, you continue to develop yourself in certain areas through reading and study.

How long do you sit comfortably watching television? Excessive sitting and living a sedentary life, with no or irregular physical activity, has been implicated in health challenges like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Research has shown that, by continuously sitting down for two hours every day, you put your metabolic system at risk and reduce blood flow to vital areas of your body.

The Spirit of Helping People

What TV programmes do you love to watch? Definitely, not all programmes are helpful. Your favourite programmes reveal your passion,  desires,  and , of course, where you are going.

Your diet has much to do with your health and longevity and people who know where they are going control what they eat and drink. Diet determines onset and stages of some age-related diseases. People who indulge in soft drinks and other sugary drinks and refined carbohydrates of white flour commonly used for white bread and fast foods are loading their body with sugar and advancing towards obesity, diabetes, and heart and kidney problems.

What about your hobby? Is your hobby developing you physically, mentally and spiritually? Is your hobby making you more productive in your work or just connecting you with some socialites?

Do you have quiet times in which you are alone with God? You need God’s presence to keep you going on the right path. (Exodus 33:15, NIV).



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