23rd Law: Unless you own the product, nothing extraordinary will happen


If not us, then who? If not now, then when?  – John E. Lewis

Develop ownership mentality

Take the driver’s seat! When something belongs to you, all the life in you will emerge to fight for it. This is the nature of man. Ownership gives a different kind of motivation. When you work like the owner, the result is usually different because you will put your entire mind in the job in order to attain extraordinary results. This is what my concept of ownership mentality [OM] teaches.

A lot is at stake when you have ownership mentality. Ownership mentality will make you not to transfer the driver’s seat to anyone because you know your destination. This is what makes the difference in any business setting or in life endeavours.

Brian Tracy- endorsed speaker and training consultant
George O. Emetuche

Take yourself to the next level

You may not necessarily be an entrepreneur to work like the owner. You can be an employee and still have commitment like the owner. This is when an employee becomes an “intrapreneur”. This is my idea of ownership mentality. I have used the word “intrapreneur” on several occasions. An “intrapreneur” is an employee who has decided to do things differently in order to achieve extraordinary results. He stands out on the job because of his passion to get things done. He has the mindset of the owner.

Maintaining a Balance

The concept of ownership mentality and intrapreneur takes the employee to the top faster. We teach this concept in The Selling Champion Masterclass. We have created champions using this model.

You may be an employee – this is often the case – but you can also develop the attitude of the owner to enable more commitment and interest in the job. You cannot succeed beyond the level of commitment and interest you invest in a venture. When your interest and commitment are high in a project, attaining success becomes easier and faster.

This is one of the secrets of success. Successful people are highly committed to their goals. They pursue their vision passionately. They don’t give up. They fight on. When they fail, they get up and keep fighting. Successful people understand that life is a battlefield. A successful salesman succeeds because of this positive attitude.

No cogent reasons for failure

But the case is different with average sales folks. They give several reasons for failure. They blame their colleagues and their company when they fail to meet expectations. They manufacture excuses for poor performances. These sales folks complain about inadequate sales support tools and whine about activities of competitors. They even grumble about the environment and the weather. They blame everything for poor performance! Yet, none of these is enough reason for failure.

Knowing More is Selling More

Give your best all the time. The path to greatness has never been easy. The journey to success, whether in sales or any profession, follows a defined path. You just have to keep moving forward and keep doing your best. Your duty is to go for the best result with the few resources you have. This is an attitude you must develop if you want to be exceptional. This is how to be successful.

Giving reasons for failure do not make champions. You must go the extra mile with the little in your hands. This is what people will celebrate. What is news is that you recorded extraordinary result in an unfavourable environment.

Be a committed salesman. Sell as if the product belongs to you. Give the job all you have got because, when you do this, you fly higher and reach your destination faster. Prospects and customers flock around committed individuals. This will be your story when you work with a high sense of commitment. Take ownership of the product and tell your beautiful story.


Take charge

A salesman with the mindset of an employee will not bother to do anything differently to change his performance. He will allow things the way they are. He will continue with the old ways and of course arrive at same old results. Your result will be a usual one if you keep doing the same thing all the time. Nothing will change except you change the way you think and the way you do things.

Keep Sharpening the Axe - Prepare to Win!

A salesman with the mindset of a hired person will likely end as an average salesman. He will naturally avoid taking calculated risks because he loves comfort. He loves his comfort zone and will do everything possible to remain there. He is not ready to invest the effort needed to get to the top. He loves his results and the way things are. Changing the current situation of things won’t be necessary because he is not ready to travel the miles required to bring about necessary changes. He just wants things to happen without taking action.

Avoid being too comfortable all the time. Sometimes, you need to deliberately discomfort yourself. This is the mood you create to attain extraordinary result. Dwelling in comfort zone makes folks lazy. Take charge! Take the driver’s seat and navigate your way to success.


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