10th Law: In sales, patience is a virtue


Unbreakable Laws of Sales

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how

we behave while we’re waiting.                                                                                      – Joyce Meyer

The Chinese bamboo tree, just like any other tree, requires nurturing and adequate attention to be fruitful. But the bamboo tree requires unique attention because it will not show visible signs of growth until five years of nurturing.

The owner of the tree is expected to continue nurturing during this time. He continues watering the bamboo tree within this period without giving up. If he gives up, all his efforts will be wasted.

Here’s the good news: when the tree finally springs out from the root, it grows 90 feet tall within six weeks!

The bamboo tree tests the patience of the owner. An impatient owner will give up before the fifth year. Now, the question is, did the bamboo tree grow in six weeks or in five years? The obvious answer is five years. The tree had actually been developing a strong foundation in the previous years to be able to sustain the massive growth it would experience when it finally sprang out.

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The economic value of the bamboo tree surpasses those of all other trees the owner planted. The waiting and efforts by the owner was not in vain. He finally reaped the fruit of his labour.

This inspiring story encourages us to be patient in life. Great things don’t come quick; they don’t come easy either.


Patience is noble

An Igbo adage says, ‘‘Onye ndidi na eri azu ukpoo’’ which is translated to mean, ‘‘The patient person eats the fattest fish.’’ This can’t be truer.

Patience is displayed in many forms in our daily lives. Businesspeople express patience in one way or the other, professionals also do the same. Family life is known for patience. Spouses patiently wait for each other in their marital lives, expecting one thing or the other.

Children also wait patiently for their parents when the need arises – because they are dependent on their parents. Patience is a virtue that is as old as man. It takes patience to sustain relationship and man has been relating since creation.


Hurrying won’t close the sale!

Patience is a virtue. Successful people are not in a hurry; instead, they are focused, thorough, strategic and dogged.

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A salesman who has the attribute of patience is on his way to the top. The art of selling is a mutual deal. It is not a one-sided affair. People may not necessarily buy from a hasty salesman. It creates a wrong impression. Take time to win the prospect or customer.

A sale happens when a prospect or customer wants it to take place. The customer buys for his reasons and at his own time. It is the duty of the salesman to present a package that will fit into the reason and timing of the buyer. The package must be good and convincing enough for the prospect or customer. This is what closes the sale.

Being in a hurry to sell won’t close the deal. The prospect needs time to think in order to ensure he is making the best buying decision. He may decide not to buy at the time the salesman expects him to buy – for reasons best known to him. This is the time the salesman is expected to bring out the spirit of the salesman in him – in order to be on the same page with the buyer. I teach salespeople to wait when necessary and act when the need arises.

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Patience begets cordial relationship

Salespeople’s actions must be apt; they are also expected to be go-getters.  This is how to succeed in the job. Successful salesmen are not desperate to sell; rather they are more interested to show value.

They are also keen in building robust relationships with customers and prospects. It takes patience to achieve this. Successful sales professionals follow the pace of the prospects and customers.

Buyers are kings. They make things to happen! Your duty as a salesman is to discover your prospect or customer. Discover if you are in the right market, talking to the right buyer. Information is key in sales. The right information gives apt direction.

Decide today to be patient when you have to, and to move on to the next prospect when you have convinced yourself that it’s time to move ahead.

George O. Emetuche

Brian Tracy endorsed bestselling author, speaker, and sales trainer. 08186083133, sales@thesellingchampionconsulting.com


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