APIN donates drugs worth N70m to armed forces


In a show of support for the Nigerian military in its fight against insurgents, the Association of Pharmaceutical Importers of Nigeria (APIN), has donated drugs worth over 70 million naira and some food items to the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh and Pharm. (Sir) Nnamdi Obi, president, Association of Pharmaceutical Importers of Nigeria (APIN), at the event.
Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh and Pharm. (Sir) Nnamdi Obi, president, Association of Pharmaceutical Importers of Nigeria (APIN), at the event.

The drugs, which cut across therapeutic classes of antibiotics, antifungal, antimalarial, antihelminthes, haematinics etc, were presented by APIN to senior officers of the armed forces led by Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, at a ceremony held at 401 Aircraft Maintenance Depot, Nigerian Airforce Base, Ikeja, Lagos, recently.

Speaking at the occasion, Pharm. (Sir) Nnamdi Obi, president of APIN, said that the donation was APIN’s way of showing appreciation to the brave and dedicated men of the armed forces presently fighting insurgency, which, according to him, is a new phenomenon in the country history.

While saluting the courage of the military men, the APIN helmsman noted that the nation is presently faced with a tremendous challenge as a consequence of the activities of the insurgents, adding that this is the time for all Nigerians to support the armed forces in the quest to rid the North East of insurgents.

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Sir Obi disclosed further that aside the drugs, APIN also reached out to some patriotic food companies who equally donated various food items alongside the drugs because APIN understood that the men of the armed forces needed food as well as medicines to be able to effectively discharge their duties.

The APIN president disclosed that Chikki Foods Industries would donate 150 bags of rice, 1200 cartons of Chikki instant noddles and 600 cartons of Chikki Chip chips, valued at 10 million naira, while Beloxxi Industries Limited had decided to donate 1000 cartons of Beloxxi Biscuits worth two million naira.

Also speaking at the occasion, Dr Paul Orhii, the director general of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), said he was proud to be a part of the occasion, noting that APIN members were highly patriotic Nigerians.

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He added that he was happy to confirm APIN as an association of genuine pharmaceutical importers. He also affirmed that the products being donated to the Army were not fake, adulterated, expired or unwholesome.

Dr Orhii also stated that the armed forces were doing a great job to make sure Nigerians lived in peace and urged other organisations and individuals to show support to the armed forces.

Orhii thanked APIN for the donation, noting that it was not about how much was donated, but the significance of the act at such moment in the nation’s history.

Air Marshal, Alex Badeh, while accepting the donation, said the event was highly significant as it showed the appreciation of the Nigerian people to efforts of the armed forces to restore peace to the North-East of Nigeria.

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Badeh disclosed that the army in the last few weeks had inflicted heavy human and material losses on the insurgents, as well as recovering territories hitherto occupied by the insurgents, adding that this was largely due to support it had received from the nation.

The support of the government, the populace and the international community, Badeh said, has tremendously helped the Nigerian military to intensify efforts to rid the nation of insurgents.

He praised Pharm. Obi, the APIN president, for initiating the benevolent idea and convincing other APIN members to accept it.

He described APIN members as highly patriotic Nigerians and assured them that the donated drugs and food items would be judiciously used to support the quest to crush the insurgents.


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