Bloom Public Health Unveils Cameroon Office in Yaounde


-Pledges to fix public health challenges in Africa

Bloom Public Health Unveils Cameroon Office
The parties exchanging the renewed MoU.

In furtherance of its commitment towards ensuring the unrestrained availability of strategic health solutions in Africa, and especially in the Pharmaceutical Sector, Bloom Public Health has launched its Cameroon office in Yaounde. According to a press statement obtained by  Pharmanewsonline from the company’s Communication and Branding Lead, Mr Chukwuemeka Maduagwuna, the Yaounde office was unveiled on Wednesday, 14 April 2021, during which a renewed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Bloom’s CEO, Professor Chimezie Anyakora and Lanocome’s Director General, Dr Ngono Rose Mballa.

The statement reads that Bloom Public Health and Lanacome had previously signed an MoU which included a promise to help develop Cameroon’s public health system. Hence, the official unveiling of Bloom’s office in Yaounde is a step in fulfilment of the understanding the two parties had reached earlier.

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“Bloom’s presence in Cameruon aims to support the Ministry of Public Health in capacity building, strengthening of regulatory activities, development of a post-marketing surveillance system, and other functions. The new office will allow Bloom Public Health to operate seamlessly in the Central African Region”, the statement reads in part.

Bloom Public Health Unveils Cameroon Office
CEO Bloom Public Health, Professor Anyakora renewing the MoU with the Director General, Lanacome, Dr Ngono Rose Mballa.

“The opening of Bloom Public Health’s new Yaoundé office is an important step in realising our goal of achieving better healthcare in Africa,” said Prof. Anyakora, during a press conference in Lanacome, Yaoundé Cameroun. “The new office shows our commitment to ensure a sustainable plan to solve African public health issues rather than just an intervention”, he added.

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Dr Mballa expressed her joy at the commitment of Bloom Public Health to supporting the Cameroun Public Health system and pledged her support to aid Bloom activities in ensuring that the Cameroun pharmaceutical industry experiences positive development.

Early in April 2020, Bloom Public Health announced the collaboration and advancement of its operations in Cameroon, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Drug Quality Control and Valuation Laboratory (LANACOME) and during the press conference at Lanacome, reestablished their commitments by renewing the MoU signed last year.

Bloom Public Health which is a technical partner of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), and other institutions in Africa, has been in the forefront of championing developmental campaigns aimed at proffering top-notch solutions to health problems in Africa. It would be recalled that, it was recently involved in the establishment of West Africa’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturing park tagged Pharmacity, in Ebonyi State, Nigeria, in conjunction with the Association of Industrial Pharmacists of Nigeria (NAIP).


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