Marcson Launches Marc-Blast for Wound healing



A cross-section of the management and staff of Marcson Healthcare Limited during the launch of Marc-Blast in Lagos.

As part of its vision of consistently adding value to the Nigerian health sector, Marcson Healthcare Limited, a fully indigenous company, has launched Marc-Blast, a lyophilized powder to solve problems related to any type of wound.

Speaking during the recent launch of the product in Lagos, the Managing Director of the company, Pharm. Olufemi Atolagbe, said his organisation has since distinguished itself by continually adding value to the Nigerian healthcare system.

According to Atolagbe, Marcson decided to introduce Marc-Blast into the Nigerian pharma market to fill a gap in wound care and healing in Nigeria.

He said: “We looked at the market critically and the therapeutic area and we identified the gap and clearly saw the urgent need to fill the gap.

“I have a friend who was amputated because of a wound that refused to heal. So we discovered that Marc-Blast is a star product in a country like China and they had been benefiting a lot from it by using it to heal all kinds of wounds, but we didn’t have anything like that in Nigeria. So we decided to bring it to Nigeria so that Nigerians can also benefit from the efficacy of the product.”

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Atolagbe added that, “Marc-Blast is the first of its kind in wound care in Nigeria. We always scan through the environment, identify gaps and then try to look for unique areas where players in the industry have not been playing and then explore the area. So, with Marc-Blast, you can say goodbye to any kinds of wound.”

While speaking on the product, Marcson Healthcare Product Manager, Pharm. Adeniran Adedotun, explained that Marc-Blast heals all kinds of wounds, including plastics burn, accident and emergency fresh wound, chronic wound, diabetic wound and the likes.

According to him, before applying Marc-Blast, the wound must be debrided (thoroughly cleaned), adding that, after the first application, it must be a continuous use until the wound heals. He noted however that the medicine is sensitive to temperature.

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Adedotun added, “With Marc-Blast, there is no more worry for diabetic foot wound or any kind of wound. It is also used in cosmetology because it will not give scars after the wound is healed.”

According to Mr Kevyn Cao, project manager for Mellowhope, manufacturer of Marc-Blast, Marc-Blast is made of recombinant human basic fibroblast growth factor and is indicated for wound care.

Cao, who noted that Marc-Blast optimally enhances acceleration of wound healing and inhibition of scar formation, however asserted that the product is not ideal for patients with a malignant tumour or a history of malignant tumour .at the administration site.

“Do not apply Marc-Blast to patients with a history of hypersensitivity to the components of this product. Once the wound is fully closed, applying Marc-Blast on the wound site won’t be effective anymore,” he cautioned.

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Cao further stated that Marc-Blast can be applied at all wound healing stages after debridement, until the wounds have sufficiently healed. He added that the healing times for different types of wounds when Marc-Blast is applied differ, stating that, while superficial wounds may heal in a few days, deeper or chronic wounds may take months or even longer to heal.

On the suitable temperature for storing the product, the Mellowhope project manager disclosed that after dissolution, Marc-Blast must be stored between 2-8 degrees, as the protein inside it can degrade rapidly outside this range thus making it unusable.

“Marc-Blast can remain effective outside the 2-8 degree range for a short duration – no more than one week – before dissolution. However, we strongly recommend keeping it within the specified temperature range,” Cao said.


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