Christian Pharmacists Must Learn To Save Lives At All Time – Onyechi


A non-denominational fellowship group comprising pharmacists across the country and in diaspora has made a passionate appeal to health professionals to look beyond religion and race in the execution of their duties.

Addressing a large gathering of pharmacists at the 89th Annual National PSN Conference held at Idris Legbo Kutigi Conference Centre, Minna, Niger State, Pharm. Ike Onyechi, national president, Christian Pharmacists Foundation of Nigeria (CPFN) admonished against using one’s position to settle scores.

L-R: Dr Shem Zagbayi Nuhu, managing director, Zagbayi Pharmacy Limited; Pharm. Ike Onyechi, national president, Christian Pharmacists Fellowship of Nigeria (CPFN) and Pharm. N.A.E Elijah, registrar, Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) at the event

“Some of us are like volcano; people find it hard staying around us. It shouldn’t be. Remember, we are light of the world and salt of the earth. I understand that sometimes, we tend to be forgetful and readily want to give a tit-for-tat,” he said.

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Aside a number of pharmacists who gave a heart-moving testimony of how they have benefitted spiritually from the fellowship, Onyechi also narrated how a member of the foundation rescued a lady who was on a suicide mission.

She was said to have insisted on buying ‘Lexotan,’ a prescription-based medicine without specifying the exact purpose for which she planned to use it. At the end, she confessed that she was fed up with life and was hoping to end it once and for all. After a short counselling session, the depressed lady renewed her vow with God and became filled with life again.

“The Bible advocates that you should endeavour to save somebody while you still have the chance. As a pharmacist, we must learn to save lives at all cost,” he said.

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Buttressing his view, Dr. Austin Ighorodje, CPFN treasurer noted that the fellowship of pharmacists was birthed out of circumstances.

“Something happened some years ago during the conference. There was tension everywhere. Consequently, pharmacists gathered and started praying. Eventually God took control. One thing is sure: when Christians pray, things always happen.

“We didn’t study pharmacy for by mistake. We have a great commission to go out there and make a disciple of all nations. Since we started the Christian Pharmacists Foundation of Nigeria, testimonies abound,” he remarked.




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