Lagos PSN Hosts New Executives of The Young Pharmacists Group


As a way of familiarising themselves with top stakeholders in the profession, the newly elected executives of the Young Pharmacists Group (YPG)  Nigeria, have paid a courtesy visit to the Lagos State PSN Chairman, Pharm. Gbenga Olubowale in his office today.

The young pharmacists who were very delighted to be received by Olubowale, disclosed to him their mission, as they were willing to draw from his wealth of experience of professional activities over the years.

In his remarks, Olubowale expressed his joy in seeing the young people, who are ready to take over from the older generation, while he urged them to be handy to receive the necessary guidance and mentorship from the elder ones in the profession.

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L-R :Dr Precious Oshoma, Pharm Ijeoma Azubuike, Dr Peter B. Onimisi, president, YPG-NG;  Pharm.Olubowale Gbenga FPSN , chairman, Lagos PSN;  Pharm. Phillips K. Adepoju, coordinator, South West YPG-NG ; and Pharm Muyiwa J.Olagunju, during the visit today.

“A great philosopher once said, that ‘success without a successor is a failure’, so it is our joy to know that we also have young pharmacists who are interested in professional activities, they want to be useful to the society, and this is how some of us started”.

He further challenged them to be proactive, by planning useful programmes for their colleagues, while they should abstain from the get-rich-quick syndrome.





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