COVID-19: Adopt Right Strategies or Face Worst Cases – WHO Warns Govts


The World Health Organization (WHO) has said some countries are experiencing a resurgence of Coronavirus cases as the pandemic increases and there is a possibility for worst to come if governments around the world do not adopt the right strategies.

The Director General of the World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, disclosed this during a virtual briefing in Geneva, adding that there is lack of global solidarity and the susceptibility of most people to the virus, which still has a lot of room to move.

He said that some countries are experiencing a resurgence of Coronavirus cases and about 50 of the deaths are coming from the Americas. The daily deaths from Iran has reached a record high, whereas the likes of Australia, China and South Korea have new cases.

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The WHO boss, stated that contact tracing of people with the Coronavirus infections is the most important step in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic and countries that are yet to do so have no excuse.

Tedros pointed out that the virus can be suppressed and contained using the tools at hand and countries shouldn’t wait for a vaccine to deal with it. Any country saying that contact tracing is difficult is said to be giving feeble excuses as countries like South Korea, Japan and Germany have done so successfully.

He added that countries like South Korea had managed to contain the disease through contact tracing of those with the infection and that was possible under extreme conditions.

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He also said that although many countries have made some progress, the pandemic is rapidly increasing globally.

Tedros disclosed that WHO will be sending a team of researchers to China next week in order to investigate the origin of the virus. Meanwhile President Donald Trump has threatened to withhold United States funding of the WHO over its handling of the pandemic, and allegations that the global health agency was deferential towards China.




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