Dangers of Orogenital Copulation



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The sophistication and dangerous creativity that have been introduced into sexual activity are giving rise to medical concerns that need to be addressed with utmost commitment and seriousness. In Nigeria, matters relating to sexual activities between men and women are oftentimes approached with the highest level of secrecy. Most times people believe that such matters are better discussed privately rather than in public glare. But the problem is that the things about sex that we seem to be hiding are disgracing us in the public.

Irrespective of one’s sexual orientation, we cannot discountenance the sad reality that orogenital sex has crept into the fabric of most heterosexual relationships, including marriage. There is a general consensus amongst young men and women that orogenital sex is one of the best ways of expressing intimacy in a relationship. Out of ten men approached by this writer, seven affirmed that they derived more pleasure from oral sex. The other three condemned the practice, calling it an abomination, while citing religious reasons for their stance.

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For the womenfolk, out of the ten women approached by this writer, five said they enjoyed it. Like their menfolk, they also agreed that they derived greater pleasure from the practice, albeit with a caveat: the men with whom they must engage in the act must be very clean, healthy and with a great sense of hygiene.

One major danger that orogenital sex poses to society is that it has been identified as one of the silent killers of marriage. Married men who love to experiment with different sex styles, especially those passionate about oral sex have been found to keep willing “side-chicks” who give them the kind of sexual experience they cannot get from their wives at home. Even worse is that people who engage in orogenital copulation are at the risk of contracting life-threatening sexually transmitted diseases.

According to a health website, “You likely think about cervical cancer when you hear about the rising incidence of human papilloma virus (HPV). So, you might be surprised to learn that this sexually-transmitted virus is also a leading cause of throat cancer (oropharyngeal cancer), and it spreads from person to person via oral sex.”

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Christian sex therapists, Clifford and Joyce Penner observe that women who engage in anal sex with their husbands confess that they derive no satisfaction from it. Instead, they have a feeling of being violated. Aside from the biblical perspective to sex which encourages mutual respect between spouses, it is very imperative for all to appreciate the fact that anal sex could be a window to many troubles. As William Shakespeare says, “Unnatural deeds breed unnatural troubles.”

Right from creation, sexual relationship between men and women have followed a particular pattern until the “overdevelopment” of man’s frontal faculties led to many strange developments in coital activity. Essentially, orogenital sex poses serious medical dangers, including but not limited to bacterial, fungal and viral infections of the vagina, penis, rectum and anus. It must also be noted here that rectal tissue is more delicate and prone to abrasion and tearing more than that of the vagina.

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While it may be conducive to continue to enlighten the menfolk about the need to exercise caution in their sexual escapades due to their perceived inability to easily tame their raging testosterone, the womenfolk too must observe the highest level of restraint in hygiene. Women with very low personal hygiene are more likely to be hosts to all sorts of urinary tract infections. Same applies to women who use one piece of underwear for days without washing and those who live in houses with very abysmal toilet systems. In many states in Nigeria, you still find houses where people queue to make use of the toilet. Such places and their inhabitants are among the most endangered when talking about the dangers of orogenital sex.


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