Beauty or wellness? (2)



Beauty or wellness? (2)
A healthy family

Start learning to stop eating animal flesh. No meat, chicken or fish one or two days every week!

Every day, start intermittent fasting. Stop eating latest 7 or 8 pm and for the next 15-18 hours avoid cooked food. You may take uncooked foods like fruits and vegetables with lots of fibre.  For best results, do a three-day (36 hours) fast. A water-fast helps you to heal yourself. Great health starts from the gut!

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Ensure to do your home chores yourself. Avoid having people doing everything for you. Sweeping, cleaning, washing, cooking etc all help you stay active. At the same time, do not over exercise. 45 mins to one hour, four to six days a week is adequate. Keep up the mobility. It’s better to walk briskly than to jog, once you are above 50 years old.

Mentally, keep yourself updated and informed. What you eat and how healthy your bile secretion and liver is affects your mental health. Never isolate yourself! Stay in communication with family and friends.

Top 7 Superfoods to Include in your Daily Diets

How healthy is your cooking oil? Fats and oils are good for you. This is because unlike all the other categories of food like proteins and carbohydrates, they do not secrete insulin. The green olive oil is not for cooking! The yellow and brown are better. Go for original groundnut, palm and coconut oils. Stop bleaching your palm oil! It becomes poisonous at very high temperatures!

There is no disease that belongs to any family. It is what you eat and how you behave that creates the results you have. Therefore, certain unhealthy food choices create specific health issues in family members.

Carbohydrates like bread and rice are not the only source of energy! Reducing your portions of food is important as you grow older. Are you aware that vegetables also contain carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and proteins?

Scientists Link Foods with Low Nutritional Quality to Higher Cancer Risk

Dropping weight and attaining a good BMI is important; however more important is keeping the weight off. Only a total lifestyle change can create this. Avoid all processed flour – corn, wheat or millet. They are addictive!

Learn to read labels on everything you buy. If sugar is among the top three ingredients, avoid completely. Eat foods in their most natural states. Go for less sweet fruits which are high in fructose and therefore most fattening. Learn to make your own fruit and vegetable juices.

Eliminate artificial food seasonings – all the “cubes”. Monosodium Glutamate MSG increases the levels of insulin released in your blood. Cook your potatoes and yams with the skin on.

Are you always craving sugar? Do you snack on sweets, biscuits, tea and coffee every day? Your cravings are an already existing habit of what you do daily. Watch what you eat. Begin to develop healthier alternatives.

Lagos Advocates National Implementation of Nutritional Policy

Avoid slimming teas and laxatives. These deplete your good bacteria and have no nutritional value. Many have suffered adverse health problems as a result of over consumption of such preparations!

Embrace the habit of organic nutritional supplements today. Avoid self-medication at all costs.  Many have been able to reverse long-standing health and hormonal issues naturally by following a simple lifestyle change. Drink adequate water and enjoy good sleeping habits. Then

Watch your health spring back again.



Health Talk By Mrs Olamide Balogun shared via zoom.

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