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By Sesan Kareem

To me, studying Pharmacy was one of the greatest battles I had ever fought in my life. It’s a story of FAITH against fact, DETERMINATION against all odds, HOPE in the midst of uncertainties and AMAZING GRACE over human manipulations.

Fact against faith

While some of people got to study Pharmacy after their successes in JAMB, few of us, like me, had to fight with every fibre of our being to study Pharmacy.

I did pre-degree in science during the 2005/2006 academic session at Olabisi Onabanjo University and, after passing with distinctions, I was pretty sure I would be offered Medicine or Pharmacy because those two courses were promised to some of the best students who were interested in them at the beginning of the programme.

L-R: Pharm. Tiamiyu Sumonu, chairman, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN Osun chapter) presenting Pans Award of Merit to Pharm. Sesan Kareem, keynote speaker while Alo Setofunmi, national president, Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students (PANS)
L-R: Pharm. Tiamiyu Sumonu, chairman, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN Osun chapter) presenting Pans Award of Merit to Pharm. Sesan Kareem, keynote speaker while Alo Setofunmi, national president, Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students (PANS) looks on

However, when the admission list came out in The Punch newspaper, I was offered Applied Zoology. I was disappointed and frustrated. By the way, it was because I made a huge mistake in my post UME in 2005, that I had to do the pre-degree programme

After trying to change the course all to no avail, I made up my mind that I was going to work hard for an intra-university transfer to Faculty of Pharmacy from Faculty of Science after 100 level. At the end of my first year, I had the requirements to shift to Faculty of Pharmacy.

Greatness is Endurance for One More Moment

The first battle I fought was convincing my H.O.D., Prof. Owa, to release me. It was tough convincing him, but with so much pressure he finally obliged. By the time I moved to join my other colleagues in Pharmacy School, OOUTH, Sagamu, at 200 level, they’d covered a lot of ground in the syllabus.

After a long wait for the list of successful students to be released, it was eventually pasted. To my utmost surprise, my name was not on the list, despite meeting the requirements. My family and I sprung into action, and with the help of a friend, my classmate, I was able to meet the then Vice Chancellor of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Prof. Oyesiku. He was impressed with my results he said, “You are more than qualified to be admitted based on our criteria; consider it done.”

He communicated in writing to the then Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy and, after another long wait, I became a student of School of Pharmacy, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State.

Being a pharmacist for me is something I value a lot and I’m always proud to be one. It didn’t come easy but it was worth it. In fact, I’m passionate about the profession despite being a pharmacist plus.

Productivity Triggers

Why did I study Pharmacy?

I studied Pharmacy because I aspire to make a difference in the pharmacy profession with herbaceuticals (natural remedies).

I have over 70 years of experience in the use of natural remedies to solve ailments from my maternal root (mum, grandma and great-grandma); and I told myself I could make a difference in this area of healthcare, and thus chose to study Pharmacy. And my reason propelled me in pharmacy school to strive hard to gain insights, not just to pass exams.

How I discovered my purpose

In 2007, I started out in the personal development world. Why did I start? I had two people that were pretty close to me. They both went to the same secondary school and the same higher institution.

However, after many years of graduation, one, at the age of 38, had become prosperous, built his house and doing generally well in life. On the flip side, the other person was still struggling (I’m sure you know the meaning). At 46, he was still in a one room apartment.

As a young chap, I became curious. What really makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives? Is it grace, luck or destiny? I  found out that our choices and decisions determine our directions and destinies.

Being the Eldest Child Places You at risk –Study Finds

The man that built his edifice at 38 had continued learning and growing, from NCE to BSc. to masters to various professional certifications. He been in the banking sector since 1995, determined, focused, diligent and committed. He made the right choices and decisions.

The other man had stopped learning after his NCE, and moved from one job to the other, without mastering any. He was neither focused nor determined. He made wrong choices and lousy decisions.

My curiosity led me to start asking myself some pertinent questions, reading books, listening to tapes, asking questions from successful and unsuccessful people and studying my Holy Books. All these led me to discovering my purpose in life, which is to equip, inspire and educate people to discover, develop and deploy their inherent greatness in order to achieve their full potential and make a difference in our world.

(To be continued…)


Why did you study your course or why are you studying that particular course? Why are you a professional? What is your purpose? Why are you here?


I am here for a purpose by a purpose. I will discover, develop and deploy my inherent greatness to fulfil my purpose.



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