ElectroClerk Software Can Revolutionise Pharmacy Business- MD


“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth” Peter Drucker. This aptly summarised the words of the chief executive officer, (CEO), Electrokingdom Limited, an innovative software company, Mr. Morak Bamigboye-Aje, as he addressed Community Pharmacists at the 9th annual pharmaceutical business growth seminar, organized by the Ipaja, Dopemu, Egbeda and Akowonjo (IDEA) Zone of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN), recently in Lagos.

According to the Information Technology (IT) expert, the ElectroClerk Software, which he said has become a known brand to virtually all business minded community pharmacists in the country was specifically made for them, in order to make life easier and afford them the opportunity to operate their pharmacies without stress, while saving time and resources.

L-R: Mr. Wale Oluwakemi, a staff of Electrokingdom Limited; Pharm. Sanusi Oluwasegun and Mr. Morak Bamigboye-Aje, chief executive officer, Electrokingdom Limited at the event.

In his words “ElectroClerk Software is the trending thing in community pharmacy business presently because with the software, patient’s medical records can now be easily kept, so that the patient can gets up-to-date messages on their phones on how to take their drugs and when to take them. It also enable the community pharmacists to receive alerts on their daily sales report, while they can easily connect to their database online and get all the information they desire about their pharmacies.

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He added further that the software has also been helpful in assisting them to keep accurate records of their inventory, product expiry dates, while allowing them to monitor the frequency of their sales, even when they are not around. “So, apart from the fact that it enhances their professionalism, it also reduces stress in daily business operation of community pharmacies and it is highly affordable for an average person.”

Speaking further, he said the software is useful to those who are just setting up pharmacy outlets and those who are already established in the profession. “The steps are very easy, as they only require that the person should buy our software and install it on his or her computer, which may be more than one or two. It does not take more than three minutes to install and it can be done by the pharmacist or any other person. By the time the person tries to activate it, an activation code would be sent to the person’s phone number. So, if it is successful, the person can start using the software,” he said.

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Speaking on the company’s relationship with the Community Pharmacists in the country, he said the software has become a household name among the business minded pharmacists as about fifty percent of community pharmacists nationwide, especially in Lagos State are presently using the software and are enjoying it. “Presently, the software is sold at sixty thousand naira, but if pharmacists can come together and buy in bulk, for example if ten people can buy together, it can be as low as Forty  thousand naira, so it is advisable that people buy in bulk. He said.

He said that the slogan of the company is “making life easier”, adding that the company is determined to put smiles on the faces of every community pharmacist in the country. He hopes that, in the long run, no community pharmacist would have any other choice than to adopt the innovation.


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