FIP Launches Strategy For Enhancing Global Pharmacy Workforce Productivity


A global vision and goals to transform pharmacy education and the pharmacy workforce are published today by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) during a unique conference of national pharmacy leaders in Nanjing, China. Change is vital if pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists are to meet the challenges posed by the new and emerging needs of patients and civil society, the federation says.

FIP’s Global Vision for Education and Workforce provides the leadership needed to improve patient outcomes and close the gaps in the development, distribution and responsible use of medicines. It states that this can only be achieved through supporting and developing high standards of education and training and through a workforce that is adaptable, diverse, committed to lifelong learning, and prepared to lead change in practice. “It is our vision that all patients will have access to the best pharmaceutical health care through a high quality pharmaceutical workforce. There can be no health care without a properly qualified workforce,” said Professor William Charman, Chairman of FIP Education.

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The vision is accompanied by a set of 13 Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals that lay out directions for action as well as providing a platform for obtaining the financial support needed from public and private sources to make the vision a reality. The goals are split into three categories of focus: education providers; the workforce; and policy, strategy, planning and monitoring. They include focus on foundation training, specialist development, gender and diversity balances, and workforce intellifip-2gence.

“With this vision and these goals we are providing an objective, and the aspiration for the journey of transforming pharmaceutical education in the context of future workforce needs, in a country relevant manner. However, their relevance relies on the capacity to translate them into national strategy and action plans. We believe that this conference is the first step that will pave the way for progressive transformation in countries around the world, so that pharmacy can work with others and contribute to the broader health workforce agenda,” Professor Chairman said.

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The vision and goals were developed based on broad international consultation. They will be supported by a set of Professional Statements on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Education that are expected to be voted on by national pharmacy delegations during the conference and published later in the year.


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