Get Noticed, Let the Marketplace Always Remember You


People of excellence standout everywhere they go. They are noticed and always remembered. Giorgio Armani once said, ‘‘Elegance is not about being noticed. It’s about being remembered.’’ As a sales professional, getting noticed or being remembered is a function of buying a piece of mind of the marketplace. Your employers, colleagues, customers, prospects and other stakeholders must feel your positive impact. Your performance, attitude and character must speak positively for you.

Don’t settle for average

As a salesman, you are called to be outstanding. You are supposed to be among the best in your industry. Don’t settle for average. Let your top performance speak for you, whether you are present or not. This is how to get noticed or remembered. People follow you when they are sure you are believable. Folks will not flock around an individual for nothing. Something must attract customers and prospects to go with a salesman.

Get noticed! Stand out in the crowd; be an exceptional salesman. Make yourself to be noticeable. You are a product. You are a brand; create your own brand identity in the field.

You are selling two products!

In trying to make your product acceptable to your prospects, try to find a way to register yourself in their minds. I often say that you are selling two products anytime you are in the field. You are selling yourself and the product you have in your hand, and the first product you are supposed to sell is you!

Appreciate Employers of Labour

People will buy you first before buying the product they are yet to use.  Selling yourself to your customers or prospects might be in little things, like the way you talk or the way you greet your prospects. It might be in the way you appear, the way you smile and the way you display high self-esteem.

Making yourself to be noticed when you are prospecting is important in sales conversation. Always try to leave a mark. Let your customer or prospect remember you for something good. Leaving a good impression in the hearts of prospects and customers will definitely sustain the salesman in season and out of season.

Know the job, believe in yourself

People follow individuals they can trust. The more you know the job and express self-confidence, the more you win buyers to your side. People buy people. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ‘‘Self-trust is the first secret of success.’’  People can only trust you when they are convinced that you are sure of yourself. People cannot believe in you when they are not sure you believe in yourself. You will believe in yourself before people will believe in you. You will follow yourself before others will be converted to follow you.

In trying to make yourself to be noticed in your sales environment, you should ensure you are professional in your sales activities. A good salesman should have the ability to evaluate every situation and be strategic in decisions and actions. You must know your environment. You must know the personality type of your customer or prospect. This helps the salesman to strike on target. This is what I teach in Sales Intelligence.

Be Identified with the Best
Brian Tracy- endorsed speaker and training consultant
George O. Emetuche

An ideal salesman is a smart individual. He has the ability to think on his feet. He knows the strategy to apply at any given time – that will give him desired results. He knows how to announce his presence. This is why I maintain that salesmanship is an art and science. The creative aspect must be present; the discovery part must be seen in the process. The art of selling is a journey; it is a long ride that leads to a beautiful destination – if the salesman knows how to navigate the path.

Satisfy the two reasons people buy

In the sales world, I believe that there are two main reasons people buy a product. The first one is that they like and trust the person selling the product, and the second is that they understand what they are buying. These two reasons harmonise the two important factors in sales: emotion and logic.

When you succeed in creating a picture of yourself in the mind of the prospect, he or she will likely develop the interest to buy. Making yourself to be noticed or remembered could also be in the friendly way you introduce yourself or your product. It could be in those positive attitudes you display when attending to your prospects. The way you show that you have an in-depth knowledge of what you are talking about attracts attention to you. Customers or prospects observe easily salesmen who are good in the art. They appraise your personality and your knowledge of the product each time you make a sales presentation.

Look Inside More Than You Look Outside

Ensure there is a common ground

Don’t just sell, connect! There should be a meeting point in your selling. Discover those things that will connect you faster to the prospect and use them as things that will announce your presence. Your goal is to leave something in the mind of the prospect after your meeting; something that will make him to call you for business.

Some salespeople make sales visits several times to prospects without being noticed. They simply walk in and walk out, without making an impact! Let your presence be felt by the things you say and by the things you do.

There is no how prospective customers will notice a salesman who fails to attract this notice by his actions. The attitude you display attracts people to you. If you display an attitude that portrays great character, people will flock around you; but if the reverse is the case, then, a big job awaits such a salesman. Get noticed in a positive way.


  1. Don’t just sell, CONNECT!!
    Leave a footprint to be remembered for.

    Adding Value all the way.
    Thank you Selling Champion.


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