Unbreakable Laws of Sales. 5th Law: In selling, attitude is everything


George-Emetuche-150x150A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. – Mark Twain

You are a product – a complete product that is well packaged for exploits! You have the ability to make a lot of things to happen. You just have to develop this mindset. You must believe in yourself all the time if you want to be a successful salesman. The things you have within you are enough to help you conquer your daily sales activities.

No one can stop you except you. Ralph Waldo Emerson puts it this way, ‘‘what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.’’ The deposit you have within can overcome your life challenges. The only missing link is self discovery. It is when you discover who you really are, your purpose in life, that the concept of believing in yourself will become more concrete to you.

Attitude has a lot to do with what you are going to achieve. Attitude is what you apply daily. Attitude could be negative or positive. Your positive attitude attracts people to you and, on the flip side of the coin, negative attitude drives people away from you. Dr Poly Emenike’s thought fits in here, ‘‘You make your habits and your habits will make you.’’ I agree with this great mind.

Unbreakable Laws of Sales-19th Law: There’s a Difference Between Selling and Dumping

Let me share a little of my thoughts about the journey of life. When you understand and apply this philosophy, maintaining a positive attitude becomes easier. Life is a continuous journey. In this expedition, it is natural to encounter ups and downs. Things may not necessarily go the way you planned but you must continue to move on and believe in yourself all the time. When you fall, you are expected to get up and move on.

Failing is just an event that will come and go if managed properly. In fact, failing is an integral part of success. It takes a man who is positive minded to understand this philosophy.

Anytime you allow any form of fear within you, failure sets in. I believe that failure is not entirely negative. Failure could also lead to success. A determined fellow usually tries many times before succeeding. Many successful people failed several times before succeeding.

Focus and Consistency are Indisputable for Success

One of the secrets of success is self-belief. Believing in yourself brings out the best in you. A successful individual believes in his dreams and will not give up on them.  People that succeed most of the time are the ones that have tried several times. When they try and fail, they try again.

I believe that people who have the most number of failures are the ones that succeed most times! It is in trying that we learn how to succeed and how not to fail. Don’t be afraid to try; instead be afraid not to make an attempt. When you try and fail, try again. Falling and staying down is the true definition of failure. When you fall during the life journey, get up, invigorate yourself and hit the road again! This is the way to succeed.

Self-belief and positive attitude will enable you see the big picture. The number of ‘yeses’ you say to yourself inspire you to make a difference. You must believe in your dreams and strategies. No one will do this for you. It is your obligation. It is when you say ‘Yes’ to yourself that other people will say yes with you. The more you believe in yourself, the more people will believe in you. The more you say yes to your products, your services and your job – the faster and easier selling become in your world.

In Sales, Credibility is a Product

Successful salespeople create the results they want to see before commencing their daily activities. A positive minded person imagines success in his mind’s eye before starting his day. This is one of the advantages of believing in yourself. Each time you believe in yourself, your chances of accomplishing set goals increase because the inner-man will expand and be prepared to do more. Successful salespeople increase their expectations and ability to achieve at the same time. They don’t reduce expectations in order to attain result. They increase their ‘‘self- believability’’ and capacity to enable them achieve their expectations.

In selling, attitude is everything! This is my philosophy.


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