Greenlife products standout in the industry – Product manager


 Pharm. Ikenna Darlington is a brand manager at Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited.  In this brief chat with Pharmanews in Lagos, recently, he spoke on two of the company’s newly introduced products, Omefast and Trexip-TZ.

Below is the text of the interview:


What prompted Greenlife to introduce Omefast plus and Trexip TZ into the Nigerian market?

The decision to introduce the products arose because of the increase in incidence of H.Pylori.Statistics show that 80 per cent of stomach ulcers and 90 per cent of duodenal ulcers is caused by H.Pylori. Also, over 50 per cent of the world’s population is infected with H.Pylori – and the need to eradicate these organisms is of urgent necessity.

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For Trexip-TZ, in particular, we introduced the product because we observed a sharp increase in the occurrence of mixed infections. Trexip-TZ has become the dual-powered empirical choice, very reliable in mixed infections.


What differentiates Greenlife brands from others in its class in the Nigerian market?

Greenlife, as a brand, stands out in the industry, as well as our products.  We have an elite, aesthetic and highly attractive packaging, which gives a strong indication of the high quality and efficacy of the contents, and we always deliver on our promise of assured and speedy cure. Same products from different companies often have same active therapeutic contents, but may vary in bioequivalence, due to so many reasons such as nature of recipients, manufacturing practices etc.

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Our source is one of the most trusted and most recognised in India and the Asian continent.

Since the products were introduced, how have they been doing in the market?

They have been doing very well in the market.  We have recorded a tremendous increase in sales volume and market share of these products.

How is Greenlife protecting its products from the activities of drug fakers?

We are constantly improving on our services to meet the demands of the Nigerian society. We have embarked on M.A.S – Mobile Authentication Services for our Antimalarials – (Lonart and P.Alaxin).These will certainly be extended to other products.


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