Hubcare Launches App to Transform Africa’s Healthcare Experience


Former PSN President, Pharm. Ahmed Yakasai and Niyi Yusuf, Managing Partner, Verraki

Poised to resolve issues around poor accessibility and affordability of quality healthcare in Nigeria, Hubcare Health has introduced a mobile application to facilitate the provision of affordable, high-quality medical care to millions of Nigerians and Africans.

The App, according to the company is a digital platform that connects integrative primary care directly to good health for middle class people in Sub-saharan Africa.

The unveiling, which was graced by crème de la crème in the pharmaceutical sector, had in attendance National Chairman, Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN),  Pharm. Wale Oladigbolu; Managing Director, Evans Baroque, Onyeka Onyeibor; CEO of Business School Netherlands, Prof. Lere Baale; CEO of Biogenerics Limited, Osak Uwubanmwen; MD Paxo Health and Beauty, Jumoke Olukoya; MD of Prime Signs Ltd, Bashir Mustapha; MD New Heights Pharma, Pharm. Ogheneochuko Omaruaye; WAPCP Secretary, Prof. Ibrahim Oreagba; CEO Digitalent Hub, Abiola Kabirundeen and others.

Speaking during the launch of the app, the Founder and CEO, Hubcare Health,  Pharm. Sesan Kareem said: “Healthcare in Africa is in a state of emergency, leading to lack of access to affordable quality healthcare for millions of our citizens.

“Lack of access to care can be traced to inadequate modern healthcare facility, lack of affordability and lack of transparency and quality.

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“We’re launching Hubcare App now because of the rapid growth of smartphone penetration in Africa, which presently is surpassing 50% of the population, scarcity of clinics and hospitals near homes with fewer than 50% of Africans having access to modern health facilities, and changes in lifestyle and a growing middle class are making non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes big issues among populations.

“Overall, we intend to use Hubcare to make a greater social impact, and impact 10 times more through on-demand teleconsultation, 24/7 online pharmacy, prescription and wellness products, holistic preventative care plan and a HubCare experience centre.

On his part, the keynote speaker and Managing Partner at Verraki, Olaniyi Yusuf, gave more insight into what the ideal healthcare experience should be like. He said: “The healthcare experience goes beyond the receipt of healthcare itself but extends to all interactions associated with seeking and receiving care.

“For a patient, a positive healthcare experience comes from obtaining good value for resources i.e., net positive psychological and physical outcomes derived from the sum of all costs associated with seeking and receiving healthcare.

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“From a patient’s perspective, the burden of illness is not limited to disease status; it is also important to receive care that is respectful of and responsive to their preferences, needs, and values.

For Africa’s specific challenges, he said the use of telemedicine can improve the healthcare experience in many ways which will aid continuous monitoring and management of patient’s health, and improve long term health of populations.

He said: “Many community-based pharmacies have extended their services online to make it easier to get refills and to provide prescription-filling access to patients who might have trouble getting to a pharmacy.

“AI and Robotics are already working in several healthcare establishments to carry out tasks such as genetic testing, robotic surgery, cancer research, data collection, etc. The ubiquitous growth of these two technologies has the potential to transform numerous aspects of healthcare.

“There are an increasing number of opportunities for digital technology to support great healthcare experiences in Africa by making healthcare easier, more convenient and better accessible for patients. However, the outcome may be negative if resources are not integrated, and value destruction can occur if technology is difficult to use, is not fit for purpose, or does not function properly.

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“Patient experiences of care can be improved with technology and may also provide a useful evaluation tool for new healthcare technologies. African countries must embrace technology to close the health care gap.”

In his closing remarks, the Chairman of the occasion and former PSN President, Pharm. Ahmed Yakasai, said: “I am proud to see that Hubcare Health App has come at this trying time when so many other African countries have been doing a lot as far as technology is concerned.

“As I can see from the app being presented, definitely it will have the right health-based information that will be helpful. This will help save a lot of cost on medicare and empower Nigerians to have access to good quality source because of counterfeit products and information.

“I would also like to assure you that when the government goes on to implement the national plan for digital economy, you will have our full support.”



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