Loveworld Medical Centre Introduces Nuclear Medicine to End Medical Tourism



As Nigerian Oncologists Emphasise Radionuclide Therapy

L-R: Dr Emeka Eze, ISRT chairman; Dr Augustine Uduoise; Dr Masha Maharaj; Dr Olajumoke Akinsanya; Dr Deola Phillips, executive chairman, LMC; Prof. Mboyo-Di-Tamba Willy Vangu; Prof. Tamara Geliashvili; Prof. Knut Liepe and Dr Anthony Oseghale, chief operating officer, LMC, during the International Symposium on Radionuclide Therapy and Oncology hosted by Loveworld Medical Centre in Lagos.

The Loveworld Medical Centre (LMC) has announced its commitment to reducing the cost of medical tourism for Nigerians through advanced medical care in nuclear medicine, touting the technology as innovative, cost-effective, and without side effects.

The Chief Operating Officer of LMC, Dr Anthony Oseghale, made this statement on Saturday in Lagos during the International Loveworld Medical Symposium on Radionuclide Therapy and Oncology, themed “Evolving role of nuclear medicine and personalised & precision medicine”.

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty involving the application of radioactive substances in diagnosing and treating disease.

Dr Oseghale stated that with its cutting-edge medical technology, the centre would provide advanced, trusted, and comprehensive care to Nigerians who frequently seek medical treatment abroad.

“Consider the cost of an international flight ticket. Whatever medical care you can receive outside the country, you can get here. Your flight ticket could cover all your costs.

“If you travel abroad, you pay for your flight ticket, accommodation, and treatment itself, which will be significantly more than the cost of your flight and accommodation.

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“We are very committed to providing quality services. In the last six months, we have not engaged in any publicity; we have focused on ensuring our processes are excellent, and the patients we have treated have been spreading the word about our facilities.

“Today, we are excited to introduce nuclear medicine, opening new opportunities for advanced medical care. The installation and commissioning of our Gamma Camera mark a significant milestone, and we eagerly anticipate the benefits this technology will bring to our patients,” he said.

Dr Oseghale said that the centre's nuclear medicine service would bring transformative changes to the healthcare sector, not only in Nigeria but globally.

According to him, LMC's vision is to lead the healthcare industry with holistic, accessible, and best-in-class services, and the mission is to deliver exceptional, compassionate care through innovation and technology.

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“Our unique selling points include our spiritual advantage, as we pay attention to the whole person.

“Our multidisciplinary approach ensures quick and accurate diagnoses, and our comprehensive in-house facilities offer all necessary medical services under one roof.

“We provide affordable, high-quality care, partnering with several HMOs (for example, Lifesaver HMO), to extend our services to those in need. We are proud to offer world-class medical services right here in Lagos, eliminating the need for medical tourism.

“Today, we are excited to announce our plan to unveil our nuclear medicine services, opening new opportunities for advanced medical care. The installation and commissioning of our Gamma Camera mark a significant milestone, and we eagerly anticipate the benefits this technology will bring to our patients,” he said.

Also speaking, the Clinical Director of LMC, Dr Emeka Eze, described nuclear medicine technology as innovative, cost-effective, and free of side effects.

“It targets only damaged cells. If we treat people with what is known as chemotherapy, you know the kind of side effects because it attacks all fast-growing cells at the same time, but this one only targets cells that are inflamed or mitotic.

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“So it just goes to the local area where the problem is and deals with it. It is much cheaper, has fewer side effects, requires minimal hospital stay, and has a long resolution period,” Dr Eze said.

He added that nuclear medicine aids in the treatment of thyroid disease, cancers, and arthritis, among others.

“Currently, it has been very well tried with prostate cancer, and it is very effective. It also treats arthritis and knee problems. Many Nigerians today, as they age, develop arthritis.

“People who are obese are experiencing leg problems. Due to dietary changes in Africa now, many Africans are becoming obese and developing arthritis as they age. This is a game changer for arthritis. That's very important,” Eze noted.





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