Maydon Restates Commitment to Promoting Healthy Living



Maydon Restates Commitment to Promoting Healthy Living
Pharm. Ikpe Chibuike,

One of the indigenous pharmaceutical companies in the country, Maydon Pharmaceutical Limited, has reaffirmed its commitment to championing healthy living in Nigeria by making quality pharmaceutical products available to every citizen at affordable rates.

Speaking with Pharmanews on behalf of the organisation recently, Maydon Product Manager, Pharm. Ikpe Chibuike, revealed that the major goal of the company is to champion healthy living for Nigerians.

He added that the organisation is aware of the situation in the country and the harsh impact of the economy on patients; hence its decision to always put measures in place to ensure that Nigerians have access to top quality and effective pharmaceutical products at prices that are not prohibitive.

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Chibuike said: “Since 2006, Maydon Pharmaceutical Limited has been in the business of championing healthy living. Currently, we have over 50 pharmaceutical quality and effective products across different therapeutic areas. We have antimalarial, anti-diabetics, antihypertensive and multivitamin, to mention but few.

“One of our products, Vitamin C, known as “CeCe- 1000”, as well as the CeCe Vitamin C & Glucose Tablet, has been helping Nigerians to boost their immune system. We are seriously pushing to ensure that Nigerians get quality products at affordable price.

“Our vision is to champion healthy living through the provision of top quality pharmaceutical products that gives REST. The REST is an acronym. R stands for Reasonable price; E stands for Efficacious; S stands for Safe and the T stands for Tolerance. That is our vision.

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“Our mission is to provide top pharmaceutical products, based on comparative advantage and economy of scale. The focus of the company is all about the people, I mean Nigerians.

“Maydon is patient-centric; which means that everything we are doing is all about the patients; we consider the patient and the state of things generally in the country, we try to reach a compromise and ensure that the price is no too much for the people so that they can easily afford our products. These are the vision and mission of Maydon and that is what the company stands for. The good thing is that we have been doing this since 2006”.

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While the company is hoping to introduce more efficacious products within the year, it has promised to maintain its vision of enhancing healthy living for Nigerians.

“As an indigenous pharmaceutical company, we will continue to pursue our vision which is the provision of quality products that people can ably afford; that is the most important thing for us. Hopefully, with God on our side, we will introduce new products, while trying to achieve our vision of championing healthy living for Nigerians,” Chibuike said.


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