National Healthcare Management Conference 2017 – Improving Patients’ safety


Health care has evolved greatly over the past 20 years. Our knowledge of diseases and technological innovations have all contributed to improving life expectancy during the 20th Century. But one of the greatest challenges today is not about keeping up with the latest clinical procedures or the latest high-tech equipment. Instead, it is about delivering safer care in complex, pressurized and fast-moving environments. In such environments, things can often go wrong. Adverse events occur. Unintentional, but serious harm comes to patients during routine clinical practice, or as a result of a clinical decision.
Many countries in the world have already recognized that patient safety is important and are building ways and approaches to improve the quality and safety of care. They have also recognized the importance of educating health-care professionals on the principles and concepts of patient safety. Strengthening such competencies is needed in order to keep pace with the complexities of the system and the demands of workforce requirements.

Rova College in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health, its agencies and development partners organize an annual two-days strategic meeting between healthcare leaders, key stakeholders, policy makers & investors. It is designed to close strategic vacuums in healthcare through leadership and management development. It is a transformational platform for innovative ideas, corporate advocacy and trends that shape and drive change in the fast changing world of healthcare.

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Venue:                   Nicon Luxury Hotels, Abuja
Date:                      9th – 10th May, 2017
Time:                      8:30am – 6:00pm
Conference Fees:  N65,000 per participant

The Conference Objectives

  • To create a platform for collective high level advocacy which will serve as a catalyst towards improving Patient safety at all levels of care in Nigeria.
  • To strengthen national focus on Patient safety at the policy making and care delivery levels in support of the implementation of WHO initiatives on Patient Safety.

  • Support the emerging drive for National Patient safety policy.

  • Improve organizational Patient safety culture through leadership and management development.

  • Inspire new strategies and coordinated actions on patient safety in Nigeria.


Please contact the program coordinator on: +234-805-608-1259, 808-750-4372.
Email: or

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