Neuropsychiatric Hospital Tasks Wealthy Nigerians on Patients Assistance


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The Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu State, has called on wealthy individuals, groups and establishments to assist mentally challenged patients, especially those abandoned by relatives and friends at the facility.

The Medical Director of the hospital, Professor Monday Igwe, made the appeal in Enugu, while receiving a Humanitarian Service Award from the Rotary Club of Maryland, Enugu.

The professor noted that the intake, treatment and outright daily care of mentally-sick patients were becoming “a great burden” to the hospital and its benevolent staff, who cannot hold back but help.

The medical director noted that the hospital had a pile-up of unpaid bills, adding “we cannot locate their relatives or friends, who brought them to the hospital in the first place.”

According to him, “We cannot send them parking or throw them into the streets. We ensure they are fed, clothed, cleaned up, accommodated and provided with the needed medical services.

“In the spirit of Rotary, we are calling on our people, especially people that have extra, to come to the aid of our patients, because there are a lot of them that have been abandoned by their relatives, caregivers and friends.

“As things are now, we cannot easily take care of them any longer without the support of wealthy, groups and establishments around us.”

Prof. Igwe also urged Nigerians to remember patients in the hospital as they visit other special-needs centres during festivities and merriments, whereas “our own patients are the people who need such donations more than other people because our patients most times have no one to take care and show love to them.

“Our patients are entirely dependent on other people, unlike other patients that can take care of themselves,” he added.

The medical director, who thanked the Rotary Club for the award, dedicated it to the entire staff of the hospital, who sacrificed to keep the facility rating high.

“It is because of the dedication of staff, that we have achieved what you can visibly see and feel today about the hospital.

“We will continue to put in our best and see how we will continue to help our people and humanity in general,” he said.




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