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Understanding people the “write” way (2)
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Should these two get married?

For someone who is not a regular reader of this column, this caption may seem unfathomable. How on earth can one select his or her spouse by looking at the personality traits in their handwriting sample among other background checks that can be conducted?

Notwithstanding the skepticisms that this topic may generate, its imperative to let you know, dear reader, that this practice is commonplace in some other climes where handwriting analysis is embraced as a fundamental tool in profiling for myriads of reasons – be it recruitment, vocational guidance, criminal investigation etc.

In this edition, our focus is on relationship compatibility and the role graphology plays. In order words, how can you do a background check on your intended spouse just by running a graphological analysis on his or her handwriting before you say, “I do”. Even though I am not advocating that only graphological profiling should be conducted on anyone, I must admit that it is such a reliable and phenomenal profiling tool that the world at large needs to embrace.

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To all life coaches, marriage counsellors, marriage committee members and even psychologists, you need to pay attention to this unique tool that can reveal a lot about the behavioural traits of prospective couples. This tool is not a replacement for divine guidance in the lives of people. However, the reality of many people out there is that decisions have to be made at the spur of the moment. Besides, how many people out there can honestly claim to hear the Spirit of God for themselves when urgency demands going either left ot right?

When there is a need to choose between what is right and what is good, most often than not, people still resolve to following their intuitions or past experiences, with respect to what worked or didn’t. Better still, many would remain in their comfort zone, using a method or style they can trust. And I must say that there really isn’t anything wrong with this, provided the deliverables do not fail the test of effectiveness and efficiency.

However, since nearly everyone agrees that change is something constant in life it would not be out of place to find a profiling tool that can help us narrow our margin of error in selecting someone we hope to spend the rest of our lives with. This is to help us know whether we are compatible or not, among other desirable qualities to look out for. Let’s face it, if there are issues with compatibility from the onset, it would take divine intervention to get them resolved. But again, there shouldn’t be troubles in marriage provided people would select spouses the “write way”.

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Wouldn’t it be something amazing if, from the handwriting sample of your prospective or spouse or partner, you could decipher whether the fellow is the jealous, possessive, domineering, narcissitic, prevaricative, extroverted or introverted, hypochondriac, impulsive, aggressive, impatient, temperamental type? Or whether he or she has good sexual energy, optimism, good sense of humour etc? There are hundreds of these traits that can be seen in the handwriting which have been proven over the years to typify various personality traits of people across the globe.

Many marriages shouldn’t have hit the rocks if only either partner knew just a bit more about the other. Certain challenges would have been better managed, especially because such would have been anticipated if a handwriting analysis was conducted prior to the time of wedding preparations. This is one of the jobs of a professional handwriting analyst. He draws the attention of both parties to the red flags in their handwritings and the traits they represent. He goes ahead to counsel these prospective couples, provided they are open and teachable. Of course, if they are teachable, they are reachable.

Doing a Background Check the “Write” Way

In the next edition, we shall look at two handwriting samples belonging to our male and a female illustrations at the beginning of this write up for the purpose of assessing how compatible we think they would be in marriage, should they decide on tying the knots.

Until then, always remember that “if you must get it right, you must do it the ‘write’ way.”

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