Nutritionists List Healthy Foods to Boost Men’s Libido



Vegetables and Fruits


A recent study conducted by nutritionists from the University of Malaya in Malaysia, has found that the most important thing that keeps a man healthy and also helps a man to meet other obligations including sexual duties is nothing but good nourishment.

They submitted that food can make or mar a man’s masculinity (sexual performance), because a man’s system is made up of what he eats. It was also stated that it is not possible to build manly vitality on a diet of unpalatable foods like processed meat and other junk foods that fill the space these days.

Thus, to build manly strength behind closed doors, men need good nourishments that are well supplied with the elements that give strength and stamina and helps to boost their libido.


The nutritionists went further to state that all nourishment that are best for building health, pure blood, and vitality are also best for masculinity building, particularly when taken in natural foods.

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Indeed foods which have undergone processing, refining or improper cooking, such as refined flour, refined sugar, and polished rice among others, are only filled with pure starch or other carbohydrates, literally starving the nerves, bones and blood vessels of the elements which they need more.

The researchers therefore cautioned men to abstain from such refined foods, while urging sexually weak men, particularly those over 40 years of age, to eat more of natural foods for vitality and health building.

They advised young men in their early age, considered to be already sexually over stimulated to eat less eggs and meat, especially red meat because of its stimulating character, while they were counselled to take breakfast consisting of mainly fruits and vegetables, with two small portions of solid foods to round off the day.

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The experts recommended all kind of fruits and vegetables, for building masculine health and increase in their libido to include:

Water Melon, this fruit is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is also considered as a good source of potassium and a very good source of vitamin A and C. Its highest personal achievement however is citrulline, an amino acid that increases blood flow to the male organ and strengthen erection.

Another study conducted by researchers at the University of California validated it that the flavonoids usually found in dark chocolates improve blood vessels dilated by more than 10% among men that ate it, other sources of flavonoids are blueberries, tomatoes, green and black tea, apricots, strawberries, ginger, bananas. The libido-boosting values of these fruits are also of great importance.

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According to the International Journal of Cardiology it claims that ginger rids the blood vessel of free radicals band decreasing inflammation, thus relaxing the arteries and improving blood flow. Ginger is spicy and can be used as food seasoning, substance for making meat soft, or take in form of juice. The researchers recommended a teaspoon of ginger daily for a week, for recovery from cardiovascular challenges.

The findings as reported on HealthStandardJournals revealed that Olive oil is not only good for anointing but also increases testosterone production and when the testosterone level increases, a man would be able to perform well.




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