Patient with complaints of dry eyes and dry mouth should be advised to?


1    take thyroxine tablet in the morning

2    take metformin tablet with food

3    take dipyridamole tablets before food


A    1, 2, 3

B    1, 2 only

C    2, 3 only

D    1 only

E    3 only


  1. A is the answer and there is no winner to this question.
    Details below:
    Thyroxine, levothyroxine, is a thyroid hormone used in hypothyroidism.
    Because it increases metabolic rate, it should be taken in the morning to
    minimise the occurrence of insomnia. Common side-effects of metformin are
    gastrointestinal, such as nausea and vomiting. By taking the tablet with or after
    food, these side-effects are minimised. Dipyridamole should be taken three
    times daily before food, as dipyridamole is incompletely absorbed from the
    gastrointestinal tract.


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