Which of these statements is correct about Uricosuric agents?


1    can be used instead of allopurinol

2    are ineffective in patients with impaired renal function

3    increase renal urate excretion


A    1, 2, 3

B    1, 2 only

C    2, 3 only

D    1 only

E    3 only


  1. A is the answer and the winners are Area and Eze.
    Details Below:
    Uricosuric drugs include sulfinpyrazone and probenecid. Like allopurinol, they
    may be used as prophylactic agents. They should be avoided in patients with
    overproduction of uric acid and are ineffective in patients with poor renal function. They inhibit the renal tubular re-absorption of uric acid and therefore
    increase urinary excretion of uric acid. Patients should be advised to consume
    a good fluid intake of at least two litres a day. This will decrease the risk of
    uric acid stone formation.


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