PharmaServ Unveils All-Inclusive Medical Detailing Software for Pharmaceuticals


Nigerian tech company PharmaServ is happy to announce the launch of Copilot, their innovative AI-powered medical detailing software.

PharmaServ is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for life science businesses. Building on the success of its industry-leading Field Service software, PharmaServ Copilot represents a significant leap forward in enhancing operational efficiency and marketing processes.



Challenges of the Life Science Industry in Nigeria
Within the pharmaceutical sector, medical representatives play a crucial role by visiting healthcare organisations to inform healthcare professionals about their products and articulate their distinct advantages over competitors.

However, that process comes with inherent challenges that pharmaceutical companies must address for optimal operational efficiency.

Firstly, there's the absence of standardised reporting systems, which poses a significant hurdle, as diverse reporting styles contribute to a lack of uniformity and hinder the effective measurement of medical reps activities.

Furthermore, it is important for pharmaceutical brands to measure the impact of their medical representatives and teams across multiple territories and their engagements with key opinion leaders in different healthcare facilities. However, due to the absence of a cohesive system for tracking activities of medical representatives and differing manual systems for tracking KPIs, such as the use of convoluted spreadsheets, it is difficult to gauge the success of medical detailing efforts and shine the light on the most performant representatives.

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This lack of uniformity extends to low visibility on key healthcare professionals and product levels, limiting the strategic insights that could otherwise inform decision-making and lead to their product adoption in multiple healthcare centres.

Moreover, there is no technology-based synchronisation between medical detailing and sales operations, which means localised systems (for each activity) often fail to establish a seamless flow of information. This disjointed approach can result in missed opportunities, decreased efficiency, and a failure to expand revenue for pharmaceutical brands.

It should be noted that some efficient medical detailing software exists around the world, particularly in the United States. However, they typically come at a high cost, with prices in dollars. The lack of easy access to dollars and high exchange rates mean a high cost associated with acquiring software that addresses the challenges mentioned above. This hampers the adoption of sophisticated solutions that could otherwise enhance operational effectiveness, streamline processes, and contribute to the overall growth of the pharmaceutical sector in Nigeria. Also, with most small to medium sized businesses in the life science industry unable to afford those solutions, they typically attempt to build custom software to handle their needs, which can be expensive.

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PharmaServ has created a solution to these challenges with Copilot, a platform that automates the planning and call reporting process, which helps teams strategise towards improving their visibility among healthcare professionals and track their goals.

Furthermore, with a sync with PharmaServ's field service software, pharmaceutical brands can see the end-to-end detailing and sales processes, which ultimately improve their bottom line.

What is PharmaServ Copilot?

PharmaServ Copilot is a cloud-based software that provides a comprehensive solution for organizing, executing, documenting, and evaluating field operations. Copilot is specifically crafted to empower medical representatives and sales teams within the life science industry to serve as an invaluable tool for presenting and promoting products to healthcare professionals (HCPs) across various health facilities.

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Key Features of Copilot
PharmaServ Copilot stands out from its competitors by offering a comprehensive suite of features, enabling efficient engagement of Healthcare Practitioner data, including GPS tracking, off-line capability, pipelines, top performers, and detailed reports.

Key features are detailed below:
● Advanced tracking and management of medical representatives through geo-fencing technology.
● Enhanced communication among medical detailing with a feedback loop.
● Effortless verification of tasks with a full view of the engagement and to help understand which medical reps may require extra support to achieve their goals.
● Bulk upload media files, such as product presentations, infographics, and images.
● Effective KPI planning and monitoring to aid marketing and sales planning and activities.

PharmaServ Copilot serves as a catalyst for medical representatives to improve productivity, performance, and efficiency.

To learn more about Copilot and get a demo, sign up here:



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