PSN Presidential Race 2018 (Online Poll)


As the Pharmaceutical Industry landscape is hotting up towards the upcoming presidential elections, billed to hold at the 91st Annual Conference of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, tagged “Oluyole 2018”, the office of the PSN President is being contended for among four highly spirited aspirants, which are: Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa; Dr Lolu Ojo; Pharm.  Anthony Oyawole and Dr Otakho Daniel Orumwense.

As a pilot poll to the main election based on social acceptance among our readers, we would like you to vote your candidate here. Please note that voting ends at 12noon on 28 October, 2018.

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Tackle Medicine Insecurity, Close Open Drug Markets, ACPN Charges FG

Please we will like to STATE HERE that this ONLINE POLL is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for the upcoming PSN Presidential Election in anyway.



  1. I have covered my beat by voting. I plead with other Umu Atani and Aro in general who have not voted for Dr Mazi Sam I Ohuabunwa KSC,NPOM to so as voting ends 12-10-2018

  2. Mazi Sam Iheanyichukwu Ohuabunwa has a track record as a good leader starting from NECA , National Economic Council, NEC, and so many organizations, social, religious and the corporate world.
    Am even looking forward to see Mazi as a renowned Technocrat to lead the affairs of the Great Country as the President
    Thanks and God bless

  3. Dr Lolu Ojo is my choice and I will like others to follow suit. This highly competent pharmacist is very passionate about getting fake drugs off our pharmaceutical industries and sales outlets. Me and you are aware of the damage fake drugs have inflicted on our unsuspecting consumers,including avoidable and untimely deaths! If he comes on board as the President of the PSN am confident he would fight tooth and nail to eradicate this nenace in Nigeria.Pls let’s support him solidly.Thank you.HRM OBA DR ADETOYESE OYENIYI ODUGBEMI THE FIRST(Ph.D IFE), OLUFI OF GBONGANLAND,OSUN STATE.

  4. Vote Mr lolu ojo , he is the right man …A man that takes his job seriously n does it with passion ….that is the kind of man needed

  5. Comment:Mr Olaolu is the right man for the job, he has been test, and trusted. Bible says when the righteous rule, peace, joy, progress and lots more will be products we will receive.

  6. Mazi Sam is the right person for the job. He has all the attributes to lead PSN to next level. Very humble and God fearing man. He is a professional to core. The right choice.

  7. Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, a humble and God fearing man. A dedicated servant to humanity. A leader with outstanding qualities. A community caretaker with exceptional passion for it. Mazi Sam is 100% qualified for the job.

  8. Mazi Sam OHUABUNWA has all the attributes to take PSN to the next level. Great innovator and stabilizer. I vote him.

  9. This is the best man for the post of PSN, highly intelligent with a good leadership spirit.

  10. We have credible candidates for the election. Pharmacy is blessed with these quality people. HOWEVER, IN CHOOSING A President for the PSN we need NOT look further with Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa having presented himself. Mazi Sam is and should be our choice

  11. Dr Dan Orunmwense is always a leader with highly inventive spirit and innovation. Highly proactive in all areas of pharmaceutical development in Nigeria. Dr Dan continue to soar in your chosen field.GOD BLESS NIGERIA!

  12. Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa is the digital president of the 21 century. Very vibrant, active and full of integrity

  13. In every service, sincerity, honesty, integrity, commitment, selflessness, and above all, godliness are required. All these attributes we can see in Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa. He is the right person.

  14. The cap fits OBALOLUWA OJO.He can do it and will not fail you by the GRACE of God. He give him chance.

  15. Mazi Sam ohuabunwa is good for the job tested OK in many field and is a good leader with great repute

  16. PSN is blessed to have these great men
    The privilege of history has shown a track record of dedication to the service of Community, Colleagues , Church and Country with excellence, selflessness, progressive innovations , accomplishments, integrity and godliness by Mazi Sam . I pray that not only PSN but the entire nation benefit from the gift of this servant-leader

  17. Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa has been tested and proven severally. He is born a leader And still has so much to offer to the pharmaceutical industry and the country at large. He is the right choice.

  18. Comment:Mazi Ohuabunwa, experienced,God – fearing,cerebral & totally detribalized is best for the job.

  19. Yes,leadership prowess runs in his vein.Mazi Sam I.Ohuabunwa is a legend.This is no exaggeration.Those who know him can attest to that.Above all,he is a man with humble heart and guru in his chosen profession. He will no doubt be the best or one of the presidents of PSN if elected.


  21. Sam Ohuabunwa is an accomplished pharmacist who has performed at all levels in the pharmaceutical industry. He excelled in sales, management and drug manufacturing. He received a national honor for his contributions to the development of Nigeria and has unparalleled passion for revolutionizing the problematic pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria. He definitely the best candidate.

  22. Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, is a man with outstanding professional competence, and a result oriented leader of proven experience. He has national and international reach that can rub off on the PSN administration if given the opportunity.

  23. Mazi Sam stands out. A thorough professional who has the reach and charisma to deliver. He is detribalized.

  24. This type of voting exercise is very cheaper than ballot boxes type which can be stolling by opponent as it is been done in Nigeria politics

    • there are some obvious gaps with this online voting – it does not exclude non pharmacists once you have the link you are home and dry. also this allows for multiple voting

  25. But I can’t see any verification to who should vote: I may not be a Pharmacist, but I have access to the said voting panel,
    Will this help the polity?
    I’m still thinking of how it can help, if not by its psychological work fueled by social media popularity that will begin to sway undecided minds and which is against thorough study of candidature.

    It’s a nice innovation, but I recommend that a tighter verification be added.

  26. Reliable,trustworthy,brilliant,industrious,problem solving ability with many admirable traits of good leader

  27. Is there any room for comparison? Mazi Sam clearly stands out. With his political reach and connections, Pharmacy can not ask for any other better candidate

  28. Dr Lolu Ojo is equipped with the resources (mental/physical. Visible/invisible) necessary for the actualisation of several plans and goals of PSN. I vote for Dr Lolu Ojo.

  29. Oyawole…the man who the cap fit. Charismatic, Accessible, trustworthy, experienced and committed. He did it as the State PSN Chairman. He will deliver again.

  30. Dr. Lolu Ojo is charismatic, distinguished Character, Principled and well placed and ‘Mouthed’ to take PSN to the next level. I will vote for him 1000times.

  31. The voice of the people go for him that the cap fit, Lolu Ojo.
    PSN is in for a tremendous turn around, God willing.

  32. Lolu Ojo is the Man to lead us there. We believe in him. Many are called, but Lolu Ojo, you are the chosen One!

  33. Dr. Lolu Ojo will surely have my Vote + All the members of Gathering of King’s @Loec Hq

  34. Lolu Ojo a hardworking,articulated and seasoned phamacist is the best candidate for this post.

  35. Lolu Ojo is an outsider and a technocrat. We need to sack the PSN cabal and vote a man who will work for the people.

  36. Lolu-Ojo has demonstrated innovative vision and energetic leadership in all assignments since his PANS, NAIP and even in PSN.
    He is the man to take us to the next height nationally.


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