Relating With People the “Write” Way (2)


The handwriting is a projection into the emotional, physical and mental energies of people. As I always reteirate, no two handwritings are the same, except forgery is involved. Humans are complex beings, hence, the need for every relevant and pertinent tool in unraveling the mysteries behind human behaviour.

The benefit of handwriting analysis or graphology as a tool in personality profiling is that even if the person to be profiled is unwilling to speak up, only a sample of the handwriting can help us figure out his or her emotional outlay, coping mechanisms, intellectual prowess, work ethics, social or relational skills, etc.

In the last edition, we began this topic, and we were able to discuss two categories of people that fall within this purview – the low impulse control individuals and the attention-seekers. Today, we shall be looking at other personality types and the peculiarities in their handwriting.

Parenting the “Write” Way (3)
Understanding people the “write” way (2)
Dipo MacJob (DrWrite)

1 The optimist

There is a correlation between the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the movement of the fingers; which is why scholars within the graphology space consider the handwriting to be “brain writing”, since we still have people who can write without holding unto any writing material. On account of this, neuroscientists have researched deeply into the connection between character and the handwriting, such that certain neurological patterns displayed in form of the handwriting on a paper tallies with certain behaviour or character traits.

In this case, graphological findings show that a handwriting whose baseline has an elevation upward towards the right from the left handside of the page is typical of an optimistic personality at the time of writing. Such a writer has a positive and ambitious outlook to events happening around him or her and would rather view a glass cup as half-full than half-empty.

Relating With People The “Write” Way (3)

It is important to note that the upward elevation of the handwriting baseline from left to right is only one of the ways by which you can find anyone that displays optimism as at the time of writing. It is however not the only trait that shows optimism.

2 The introvert and conservative

There are several parameters which graphologists leverage in personality profiling. They include the slant, slope, size, speed and margin to mention a few. As it pertains to this personality type, the size of the handwriting plays a key role. Typically, a small handwriting size reveals someone who is very economical with resources in almost all facets of life. Such persons are not quick to reach out to others, preferring rather to be in their shell. If this handwriting is slanted towards the left handside of the page, it further strengthens the introverted trait already showcased.

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It has been shown that a small-sized handwriting personality does not struggle to put away distractions, they can concentrate on tasks or projects and are not quick to make friends.

An introverted or conservative personality is generally very cautious before taking steps. For advertising agencies or companies, more work has to be done to convince this category of people because their default reaction is that of skepticism. It is also why they aren’t likely to fall prey of fraudsters unlike some other persionality types.

We shall continue in the next edition but till we meet next time always remember, if you must get it right, you must do it the “write way”.

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