Detailing a Doctor the “Write” Way (2)


In the last edition, we posed a question, “Assuming you were privileged to have access to the prescription of these two doctors whose handwriting samples are below as a medical rep of one of the pharma companies around, which of them do you think would appreciate less talk on extensive details about your brand and which one would not mind you visiting frequently and having chats for some time during clinic before you move to another unit”?

The handwriting sample that best answers our question is the first sample, which is slanted to the right. The next question that might probably follow this is, how did we arrive at this answer?

Generally, when a handwriting sample is very much slanted to the right, it shows someone who is expressive and outgoing; and if the letter forms are relatively large, then you are definitely seeing an extroverted personality.

Understanding people the “write” way (2)
Dipo MacJob (DrWrite)

Also, if the handwriting is very much slanted to the right, it reveals an individual that is quite impulsive. Such people are usually the target of advertising agencies because they do not necessarily think things through before making up their minds on what exactly to do. The moment the idea seems okay to them or they get fascinated by it, they get on board immediately. These people do not generally like you to bore them with too many details because they are just alright with the general picture of what is being discussed.

Detailing a Doctor the  “Write” Way

As a medical representative meeting a medical doctor with a handwriting like this, it should help you better prepare your engagement approach. Of course, there will always be exeptions to any rule but I can categorically tell you that any doctor with a large handwriting that is well slanted is not the type of person that wants you to bore him with too many details; just go straight to what may be considered as the juice of the meeting or presentation.

An average doctor writes in such a manner that you can hardly see what is written down. That is because the speed of thought is trying to “catch up” with the movement of the writing hand. It’s one of the signs of intelligence. However, there are some prescriptions that have clearly written letter formations. The letters are well curved and the letters appear rather vertical than slanted. This shows someone who is rather methodical and perhaps sequential too. They are not in a hurry to adopt concepts or to try new ideas. They are averse to taking risks.

Relating With People the “Write” Way (2)

From the graphological point of view, such are considered cumulative learners. These learners are not less intelligent but they take a little time to understand concepts and once they do, it sticks for life literally. Do not be surprised if they have not yet started writing prescriptions of your brand even though they were present at the clinical meeting you organised. It is because they have not fully understood the patient types for which to prescribe.

The last example we are considering involves doctors whose handwriting is very small and having ‘i’ dots that are very close to the stem. Such doctors are not likely to switch from your brand so easily, except there are stockouts or they are moved from the unit where your brand finds relevance. The reason is because loyalty means a lot to this kind of doctors, among other things.

Understanding People the “Write” Way (2) 

In summary, human behaviour is very complex to fully decode or unravel. Several bodies of knowledge, such as sociology, psychology, philosophy and personology, have each propounded various theories to give an explanation to why humans behave the way they do. Graphology finds relevance also as a body of knowledge that has been found reliable to give insights into the personality traits of humans, whether as it concerns relationship compatibility, or personnel profiling, or in criminal investigations, recruitment, education etc. As long as the stroke of the pen can be put on paper, we can say something significant about the writer, dead or alive.

Don’t miss the next edition. Till I come your way next time, always remember that if you must get it right, you need to do it the write way.

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