Relating With People The “Write” Way (3)


The handwriting is one’s personality “trapped” or crystallised on paper, and graphology is a technical skill that enables you to understand people, even to the hidden secrets they might not readily speak out, just by looking out for unique traits in their writing.

Communication through written symbols is uniquely a human endeavour because only man does that. So many things are fascinating about graphology. However, one major edge graphology has over other personality profiling tools or techniques is that there are certain traits in humans that it can analyse, which other regular projective techniques cannot.

Last edition, we discussed some of the traits that we can find in the handwriting that helps us to distinguish or, better still, spot the optimist and the introvert. In this edition, we shall look at the talkative and the enthusiast.

Understanding people the “write” way (2)
Dipo MacJob (DrWrite)

The talkative

One of the basic traits in graphology is called talkativeness trait. This trait shows a person who readily speaks, even when permission is not given. People who belong here just volunteer their opinions on a matter without waiting to be invited. Studies show that whenever you see that  most of the oval letters (such as small case letters “o” “a” etc) are not completely sealed or covered, you have seen a person that can talk for long periods, without any stress. One way of frustrating this category of people is by not allowing them to make any comment on a matter at hand. That can be a bitter pill for them to swallow.

Selecting a Career the “Write” Way

It’s important for me to state at this juncture, however, that it is not only people who have partially closed oval letters that are talkative. The point here is that anytime you observe such in a handwriting, you can be sure that such an individual loves to engage in long conversations.


The enthusiast

One of the personality traits that a lot of employers look out for in prospective employees is enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this trait is best assessed non-verbally than verbally because there is no job seeker or intending employee who will tell you that he or she is not enthusiastic, for obvious reasons. However, it can be argued that everyone is an enthusiast only to the extent he or she finds the job in tandem with his or her passion.

Relating With People the “Write” Way (2)

Graphological studies over the years have been able to locate certain traits in the handwriting of people who can be considered to have a high level of drive and positive vigour towards the accomplishment of tasks. In other words, even before they are employed, we can comfortably predict, to a very large extent, whether someome would demonstrate positive attitude and energy or not.

It might interest you to know that this trait has been found to typify performers in the organisation, especially when it comes to sales-related jobs. All you need to look out for is the length of the horizontal “t” bar in the entire body of the writing sample. Do you have it very long or averagely longer than the stem of the small case letter “t”? If yes, you have a person with a good energy level.

Handling Rejection (3)

One other aspect of the handwriting among others that can reveal this is to check the pressure in the handwriting. This can be done by simply picking up the handwriting sample and using your fingers to feel the back of the handwriting page. Check for impressions if they are palpable or not. If they are, it shows emotional intensity, indicative of high energy levels. This fellow is self-motivated and passionate.

In the next edition, we shall consider some other personality traits which can be “easily” seen in the handwriting. Until then, always remember that “if you must get it right, you must do it the “write” way.

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